Cryptocurrency: How Quickly Things Can Change

For years, the advice was just to keep building on Hive . This is something that many of us espoused. Do not worry about token price…

10,000+ staked CUB & SPS

I tried to write this post yesterday and it just disappeared when I hit publish. It was no longer a draft and never got sent. That was…

Did I make a big mistake?

If I only regret one thing tonight, I want it to be opening these packs ![image.png](

Cryptocurrency Is About Freedom

The worst part about cryptocurrency is the word "currency". Here we see how the ideals got lost due to most turning this into a…

Are you ready for the airdrop?

So its official, the date for the airdrop has been released and after weeks of preparation, we're going to finally receive SPS tokens.…

3Speak Videos Now Podcasts

There was a big step forward by the team @threespeak. We all know the #SpkNetwork is in the works. In the meantime, a major change was…

CUB to implement proof-of-burn tokens

CUB is up another leg. Yet another whale has jumped into the den (CUB Kingdom). I'm legitimately afraid to compound my farm at this…

My Cub-based plan to save up for Splinterlands Chaos Legion

Cub comes in many forms Maybe I don't know what I'm doing, but I've in a bunch of different Kingdoms and Farms and whatnots on CubDefi.…

Unstaking My Leo

Don't worry, I'm not giving up on Leo or anything. After watching the last #AMA, an idea popped into my head that I should unstake my…

Leo Talk 6/22/21 - Come Join Our Chat

Here is the post for the Daily Leo Talk. In preparation for the upcoming Microblogging features, this is a good place to start…

The Fed Is Not Going To Tighten

The United States Federal Reserve is not going to tighten. Unless we are in the land of flying elephants and purple bunnies, the reality…

Why Crytpo Is The Answer To The Work Problem

Cryptocurrency is stepping up in a big way. Right now it is a bit hard to see yet we are seeing the foundation being laid that will…

FREE Level 3 LORD ARIANTHUS Delegation (Splinterlands)

LORD ARIANTHUS LORE: While passing through the galaxy on his starship, the great and powerful Lord Arianthus noticed signs of life on…

Yet another new plan for stacking magical pennies

I am all up in them KINGDOMS! I made a post about a week ago saying that BNB and DOT were joining CAKE in my Kin

I never doubted Cubfinance: I trust the process

If you're looking for an AMM to pool assets in and mine liquidity rewards, then you should look no further than Cubfinance . It is a…

Introducing CUB Staking Kingdom | Autonomous BNB Rewards and Autocompounding

It's time to unveil the bread and butter of this Kingdoms migration. The CUB Staking Kingdom is now live! Many have stuck with Cub…

LeoFinance Weekly Stats 05/24/2021 to 05/30/2021

Welcome to the weekly edition of the LeoFinance stats report. This is a weekly report covering May 24 through May 30, 2021. If you want…

Are you taking advantage of the low prices?

I'm definitely taking advantage of some dips in the market. I'm not going all-in at once on anything, though, as I will not be surprised…

I'm in the Kingdom!

Cool. Now what? I'm not complaining. I need to say that upfron

CUB DeFi as Future Investment & Great Passive Income

CUB Finance is Decentralized Finance project on Binance Smart Chain by @LeoFinance that has now been running for more than a month since…