names top ten Made in American Cars, four were TESLAs.

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Tesla has four cars in the top ten cars sold in America.

  • I have noticed an increase in the number of Teslas on the road lately.
  • And I am starting to read comparisons in maintenance and furl cost between electric vehicles and gasoline powered ones.
  • ‘Then I read this article and I must admit to being impressed.


  • As you survey the wreckage of the US Stock Market looking for your next IRA or 401K investment for retirement TESLA should catch your eye.
  • Not only did their stock have an outstanding year, and make Elon Musk the richest man in the world based on his stock ownership.
  • Not only did TESLA just open one of the largest car assembly plants in North America.
  • But named four Teslas to the Top Ten List of American cars sold in America.
    You can read the post here


The four cars are pictured here:



  • Tesla, a company almost killed by professional short sellers a few years ago, has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes to become a star.
  • It looks like Tesla is on its way to not only bring the largest electric car company, but it may one day be the largest car company in the world.
  • ‘General Motors, with 12 auto manufacturing plants in the USA and ten in Canada and Mexico, has no cars in the top ten.
  • ‘I read in a recent Barons Magazine that Tesla has five factories in all, on several continents!

Tesla has a brand new factory in Austin Texas.









IRA and 401K retirement accounts.

  • I guess it’s time to give this stock a second look for part of my retirement portfolio.
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Credit for the Tesla graphics and the picture of the Texas Factory are from the article at this link: link

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I've always loved Elon Musk and his cars, but I still haven't seen anyone driving tesla in my country 😪😪. Well, maybe I haven't tried enough 😂😂😂😂.
Above all, the invention of electric cars will definitely turnout immensely.

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I've always loved Elon Musk and his cars, but I still haven't seen anyone driving tesla in my country 😪😪.

  • I think they are still uncommmon many places.
  • I love the idea of electric cars, and when the price comes down, I want to get one.
  • I hope we are able to reduce our energy dependence and keep our money in our country to circulate around stimulating our economy.

Very well said


Thank you.

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You're welcome


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Thank you, 64000 is quite a high number, crazy high

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You're welcome @shortsegments.

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Tesla is quite amazing and it has high demand out there in the world. However, I am wondering why he doesn't move to a universal charging cable. I feel like it's the money involved and I think there are still ways Elon could do to promote more EVs.

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Ha Ha Ha

You must be a able to see the future!
He announced that TESLAs in Europe will be able to charge from a regular household electrical outlet soon!

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