RE: It's "Bring your fam to Leo" week - Are you ready?

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I would like to piggy back on this idea. I wrote a post a few days ago about a Community I would like to start under the Leofinance Communities menu.

I wish to create a Leofinance Community called The Business Garden, which would be a central listing location for business projects on Hive. It would be a place where people could go to find out what creative business projects exist on Hive. It would also serve as a place where people could ask questions about these businesses and receive feedback on it.

I would like to build the community here on Leofinance, not Hive, because the focus is consistent with Leofinance’s focus. I think this could create a parallel initiative to bring business creators and Dapp creators to Leofinance, potentially enlarge our membership, but also provide badly needed exposure for these businesses.

I would appreciate your help in getting this Community formation process done.

Thank you,

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