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Please participate in the Weekly Twitter Storm


Twitter is the place most of our referrals to Leofinance come from.

When you look ar Simple Analytics report showing where our visits to Leofinance the number one source is Twitter.

One Year

Photo Simpleanalytics.com

Six months


Photo Simpleanalytics.com

@trumpman had a post about this 7 days ago


He is promoting people who promote articles from Leofinance.io on Twitter. I support those efforts and look forward to upvoting those individuals. Twitter promotion is a multiple person endeavor. We can’t all do it, but we can contribute by following others and multiplying our efforts.

How to use our large numbers to Promote Leofinance and Hive on Twitter

I would like to organize more Twitter advertisement by tweeting posts suggested in the comments of this post.

But in order to create a Twitter Storm I need to increase my followers on Twitter. Then together as a group we can get more publicity for the posts!

We have 8000 plus Leofinance members, and an additional 16,000 Hive Members. Many of you are on Twitter and if your not please join.

Using Twitter, we can drive traffic to our site and promote the growth of our community.

I will upvote comments with these links.

Some Whales are always watching , they may upvote also.

I will also add the suggested links to this post, so you can paste the links into a post and Tweet them.

Let’s get the great content from our communities out into the Twitter zone.

It’s the best place to advertise to the Cryptocurrency.

What to do

Follow me here on Hive or Leofinance

Click here to follow me on Twitter Follow to follow me

Paste the link of the post you recommend or
Tag me in the comments of a post you think should be Tweeted!

Tag me by typing #shortsegments in a comment!

Please join so we can use that centralized tool to promote decentralized media!

Like and ReTweet my Tweets on Twitter.

That’s it!

There is power in numbers!

Don’t forget to choose wisely!

Send me links to great posts on Leofinance or Hive!

Please choose the posts that represent our Community well.

Then sign up to follow me on Twitter Shortsegments.

Then I will Tweet the links and all you have to do is like and ReTweet!

Thank you!

Put other links in comments below!

After this we will look at Tags on Twitter!



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