YouTuber Promoting Cubfinance New Feature Cub Kingdoms

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Cub Kingdoms higher Cake Earnings then on PamCakeSwap Learn more in this short video!

YouTuber promoting Cubfinance

Video Guide:

00:03 Intro
01:42 Cub Finance Background
02:18 Leo Bridge
03:41 Why Kingdoms Is The Key
05:12 Earn More Cake in Cub Kingdoms
08:44 Alpha Leak (aka Not Confirmed)
09:35 Time to HODL Cub?
10:30 Move That Cake Over
11:28 Wrap up with more hints what is to come.

Today I just want to point out a video I saw about Cubfinance newest change, the launch of Kingdoms!

And this YouTuber has a Hive/Leofinance account, so you can show Some love there too,
It’s Here.

Cub Kingdom

Kingdoms is referred to as a cross project staking opportunity. Which means you stake another DeFi Yield Farms projects token in Cubfinance Kingdoms and you earn twice, once from the other project and once from Cubfinance.

An example of this is the Kingdoms Cake Den, you open the Kingdoms tab on Cubfinance and deposit Cake, which is the project token for PanCakeSwap. You are actually depositing it on PanCakeSwap and Cubfinance at the same time. So you earn Cake from PanCakeSwap and Cubfinance.

This becomes a lot more apparent when you deposit into the second Kingdom BNB-BUSD, because it actually takes you to PanCakeSwap to add Liquidity and then LP points. The change in the environment from the Cubfinance environment to the PanCakeSwap environment gives it away. But in the end your brought back to Cubfinance.


But the purpose here is to highlight this YouTube video from 3 days ago, which highlights Cubfinance. So please give him a like, and consider subscribing to his channel to give him some encouragement.


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