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Welcome to Solairitas!


The purpose of this token is to construct a grid-tied solar/wind farm within the Continental United States.

Grid operators (power companies) are legally required to purchase all power produced above that consumed. The proceeds from energy production will thereby provide an ongoing income to Solairitas, which is to be powered up, thus making its upvote worth an ever-increasing value in addition to increasing through stake rewards, author rewards, and curation.

Upvotes will be distributed to token holders on an ongoing basis (once daily) in proportion to their token holdings. The Project began by upvoting all token holders at 100% as a bonus to early adopters and since dividing the vote at that point would have caused it to be negligible. As VP began to drain with the addition of new members, voting was shifted to 50% for all holders. Since that time, we have continued to grow and have currently implemented a rough tiered system:

  • 25% < 10 SOL
  • 50% 10 or more SOL
  • 100% to top buyer

These tiers are intended to shift as the Project grows in order to maintain voting power at or above ninety percent, eventually transitioning to direct proportion of token holdings.

All income (from all sources) will be powered up to increase upvote value whenever possible. No salaries will ever be taken (owner/team participate as token holders). The account will only be powered down in the event of maintenance costs (that is to say, property and income taxes and upkeep when necessary); such bills will be paid from author rewards or dedicated budget whenever possible to reduce the impact on HP/VP.

We have also created a separate account, @solairibot, which currently trails the Project, but is meant to become a manual curation bot, and will be so soon™️

With a combined upvote value of approximately 0.174 HTU, the purchase of 1 SOL at 1 HIVE represents an unprecedented time to break even of only *23 days (assuming posting once per day, post value at threshold, and 25% upvote)!

Token Data: 20,000 Circulating/100,000 Issued/500,000 Max Supply.

As 1 SOL represents 1/100,000 of the Project's upvote, SOL are indivisible.

100,000 SOL represent one complete project (without upgrade or expansion).

10,000 SOL have been withheld by @definethedollar to be disposed of at will (gifts, airdrops, contests, etcetera).

SOL are transferable.

SOL do not represent nor confer ownership in any company or asset, nor do they carry any form of voting rights. SOL do not entitle their holder(s) to any share of profit, however derived, and no promise or guarantee of profit is made.

Note: The following Roadmap and Issuance Plan are based on the assumption that 1 HIVE = .5 USD and, as such, are subject to change. However, actions will remain fixed to associated USD targets.


Phase 0)

Create @solairitas. Design tag/logo/ticker images. Create Solairitas Discord server Develop roadmap/issuance plan [Completed]

Phase 1)

Create and issue SOL tokens on the HE dex. [Completed]

Phase 2)

10,000 tokens sold at 1 HIVE (10,000 tokens sold; 5,000 USD): All proceeds immediately powered up and used to deliver upvotes to token holders so that rewards begin/continue even before the project is built, and whether or not the project is successful. Begin fractional distribution of upvotes (upvote percent = tokens held/total tokens sold). Seek HP delegation (pay delegators weekly distribution of proceeds from curation proportional to @solairitas' total SP?) [Ongoing]

Phase 3)

10,000 tokens sold at 1.5 HIVE (20,000 tokens sold; 7,500 USD):
Automate upvoting (scripted/smart contract) so Solairitas is independent of any group or individual and runs of its own accord. - @solairibot is the current incarnation of this, otherwise hive.vote is used Officially form Solairitas, LLC. [Upcoming]

Phase 4)

10,000 tokens sold at 2 HIVE; 10,000 tokens sold at 3 HIVE; 10,000 tokens sold at 5 HIVE (50,000 total tokens sold; 57,500 USD):
Secure realtor [complete], start making offers on property, ensure no regulatory barriers for site location. [Upcoming]

Phase 5)

10,000 tokens sold at 8 HIVE; 10,000 tokens sold at 12 HIVE (70,000 total tokens sold; 157,500 USD): Acquire commercial property. May need to be delayed depending on list price of best suited property. [Upcoming]

Phase 6)

10,000 tokens sold at 17 HIVE (80,000 total tokens sold; 242,500 USD):
Initial installation of panels, turbines, inverters, grid-ties, breakers, etcetera. Installation of fencing, lighting, video, and other security. [Upcoming]

Phase 7)

10,000 tokens sold at 23 HIVE (90,000 total tokens sold; 357,500 USD):
Expand and upgrade as much as possible within revenue constraints. [Upcoming]

Phase 8)

Evaluate current holdings and poll the existing community as to whether to expand further by selling more tokens (up to 250,000 total tokens). As land and basic equipment have, at this point, already been purchased, all proceeds from sales can be directed to increasing energy production. [Upcoming]

Note: We have decided to smooth out the supply curve by placing (for example) 2500 SOL at 1.5 HIVE, 5000 at 2, and 2500 at 2.5 instead of a solid block of 10,000 at 2.


Commercial Land: 150,000-200,000 USD (current best viable property listed at 187,000 USD, however more rural properties are likely to be cheaper)

Equipment: 100,000-150,000 USD (USD not spent on land will be diverted to production materials - panels, etcetera)

Taxes/Maintenance (10 years): 50,000 USD

Total Project: 300,000-400,000 USD (357,500 USD with current issuance plan)

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