RE: LeoInfra Onboarding Report | 300+ Active Hive Lite Accounts Onboarded and Counting

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Hey, I have two questions about the numbers listed.

a) Are under the following activity:

37 Have Powered Up in their wallet

also include the users who have received rewards and claimed them? So for example 1HP and 0.1 HBD received as reward and claimed them, but did not convert the HBD to HIVE and powered up?

b) Do you plan to monitor the overall activity of new users joining via Twitter since the introduction of this onboarding process, so that in 2-3 months you can make a comparison between the activity of users who joined via this onboarding process and those who came via another Hive onboarding process or already had a Hive account? I think in the future it could be very exciting to run such an evaluation to see how much to weight the activity generated by new users.

A small answer would be great.

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