Two new tournaments!

Hello dear Splinterfanatic friends like me, lovers of the best blockchain game in the world! Today I come to present 2 new tou

2021 Off to a Strong Start!

Hey Splinterfans, here's a post for the folks who love numbers! We're through the first month of the year, and we wanted to share some…

Splinterlands Tournaments Updates

The Splinterlands Tournament system has unlocked a number of new features over the last several weeks, which allow us another round of…

Final Land Presale, Uniswap Rewards, LEO Tokens, and More!

Third Land Presale Details The second of three land presale stages took place last Saturday, Nov. 28th, 2020. The majority of the 30,000…

Monster Maverick Show Replay 2020-11-17

Today we talked about lands, dice, DEC, how the price of BTC will affect the game, and more. As always, you can catch the replays on…

Hive Hard Fork (again) & Other Updates

Hive Hard Fork As many of you know, the 24th hard fork of the Hive blockchain (a.k.a "Eclipse") has been rescheduled for this Wednesday…

Splinterlands Announces Exchange Sponsorship

The Splinterlands team is excited to announce that the Exchange will be coming on board as a sponsor, which means more prizes…

Splinterlands Vs. Clash Royale!! My entry to Splinterlands Weekly Curation Challange

Hello Steemians! I hope you all are enjoying a happy and pleasant day! Have you watched the rec

Super Secret Splinterland Secrets (PeakMonsters/MonsterMarket/SPT Tokens/Forum)

Many of us have been enjoying the game Splinterlands but did you know that there's more to the Splinterlands universe than the game…

Kickstarter Just Went Live!

The team behind Splinterlands is proud to announce that the UNTAMED and Physical Swag Kickstarter campaign is now live!!! You can see on…

Under 50,000 Packs Remaining!!!

Ok guys, this is it! We're getting down to the wire. We started with 300,000 alphas and we sold out of those. The last 56k packs of…

Wild West Crypto Show with Matt Rosen CTO of Steem Monsters Corp!

Matt scored a nice quick interview on the Wild West Crypto Show. You can watch the interview here: The video provides a brief…

Guilds: Well that escalated quickly!

Wow! Well, it looks like you all like guilds too. Seems like a grand slam for the very first launch! Stats- People The following…