RE: Is it too early to give a FAILURE title to Splinterlands?

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I don't understand how it is possible that there is someone who thinks Splinterlands has problems. In my opinion Splinterlands is the best Play To Earn game out there today. Thanks for this post and the charts you shared

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Thanks for stopping by, yes I agree with you that Splinterlands is the best play earn games. But current inflation of cards and some assets like SPS and voucher in this bear market disappointing many people which is not an attractive situation for new players which is needed to move on. Still the most of Splinterlands assests are just diversified among the existing hands which is clear from the market cap trend. Though the strong ability in sustaining the assets price in such bear market is a splashing sign if the bright future. Still there is some critical analysis needed in recently introduced projects where the existing funds is moving and the entry from fresh hands is urgent to tackle the increasing inflation! It's my thought may be I am wrong but discussion is not a good thing🤔


What you wrote is interesting, however I think it will be a passing moment