My last season rewards at Splinterlands!

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Last days i am very busy with a lot of things of my daily life and my free time is limited, but i never forget to play my favourite game at @hive which is @splinterlands .
I try to complete the quest every day and with some new cards and some updates to my decks it is very easy for me to complete it in very short time.
Also i am very happy with my progress at the game that i play easily at Gold III league despite my rating is over this league at league Gold II but unfortunately i do not have the necessary power of cards that require to play at this league.
At the end of the season i finish at Gold III league and i rewarded with 22 loot chests!

bandicam 20220228 220759241.jpg

The rewards was not very bad with 12 cards .
The most useful cards was legendary Djinn Biljka and also 3 rare cards two Venari Crystalsmith and also one Twilight Basilisk .The rewards also included 81 dark energy crystals and some potions charges.

bandicam 20220331 223657862.jpg

I am satisfied with my rewards and i hope very soon to upgrade more my decks with buying some juicy chaos packs!
Thank you for reading my post!

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