What's Going On, BROs? - Revisiting Bro-Fi After Half a Year

It's been exactly six months since I published my hold-your-hand walk-through , relating my first experience with Bro-Fi, and…

Speculating on Splinterlands - Screw Dr. Blight, Just Give Me the Money!

Practice makes perfect, so they say. In my case right now, it is precisely the daily practice of claiming my SPS airdrop, staking it right…

Speculating on Splinterlands - Bought My First Pack of Chaos-Legion

Today I got my first pack of Chaos Legion cards! And I did it in the most classical, straight forward way: by waiting for the…

Speculating on Splinterlands - Chaos Legion Vouchers

The wait is almost over. Three more days, and all the meticulously saved and staked SPS will be rewarded with some vouchers. Oh, those…

Preparing for Chaos Legion Pre-Sale in Splinterlands

Today I reached 1,001 SPS, slowly accumulating it since the beginning of the airdrop. Of course it's all staked! After all, I want to make…

From Playing to Renting: The Many Streams of Income in Splinterlands

Splinterlands is exploding, Splintertalk has a fresh new front-end, and the SPT token may just be the most lucrative coin in the…

Geyser, Cub, and Splinterlands - Where My Money Likes to Grow These Days

Over the last weeks I have been reshuffling my funds, opting out of one opportunity in favor of another. In between these steps I do a…

Geyser versus LeoBounties - Is the LP Really Worth It?

It is a cool and rainy Sunday, and it feels good to snuggle into a blanket, sip on my coffee, and take a look how my money is doing. I…

Paying the Rent with LEO & CUB

Okay, I know, if there ever was a click-bait title... So let me save you from the disappointment down the line, and tell you: My landlord…

Hive & Leo - How I Got Here, and Why I'm Still Around

It's a lazy Saturday morning, on a short vacation between a natural building gig and the regularity of city life. The only plans today are…

Putting My CUBs to Work: It's Really Not That Hard!

This week has been crazy on LeoFinance ! I think I have read more posts than ever before, most of them dealing with the release of…

Wrapped LEO is Now LIVE! | How to Wrap, Swap and Add Liquidity

Wrapped LEO (WLEO) is now live (again)! Here's a quick guide/remi

Looking Back at the WLEO-ETH Liquidity Pool - Thank You LeoFinance!

About a month ago I dipped my toes into the SPEW Pool by @spinvest, and two weeks later I felt sufficiently emboldened to head dive…

Wrapped LEO White Paper: Investigative Report, LP Refunds and WLEO Relaunch

The attack on Wrapped LEO (WLEO) was a black swan event that had a rippling impact throughout the LeoFinance community and our project.…

Exploring the WLEO-ETH Liquidity Pool - A Step by Step Guide

It's been two weeks since I entered @Spinvest's SPEW Pool , which I wrote about [in this post](

Entering Spinvest's SPEW Pool - Getting in on the WLEO Liquidity Pool Bounty for Small Investors

Back in Cyberspace Whenever I return to civilization, after having spent months on end in some remote location without any WiFi and…

Look What I Found on SteemLeo!

Welcome to another installment of Look What I Found! where I like to share posts and steemians who I think are worth checking out. And…

Splinterlands, a Typical Case of "Just One More!"

After an extended break from Splinterlands, during which I explored renting my cards out, I got back into the game. That was five seasons…

What It Means to Be a Dolphin

Quite recently I have crossed the 5000 SP threshold, which according to the notification from @steemitboard made me a dolphin (yeah!)…

Tokens and Tribes - Playing with the Many Facets of Steem

It's been more than three months now since SteemEngine came out, and innumerable new tokens have been created since. At first I…