Back to the House

Today, I heard something from a friend that I didn't know existed and it might not actually exist, at least publicly. We were talking…

20% Hybrid

I was asked an interesting series of questions today by a friend who is questioning not only their career, but also the way they approach…

Amplified values

This week is "Sales Kick Off" week, Which as a global event aimed at the company sales department and associated business functions, and…

A shot in the arm

A week or two ago, we took our daughter to the doctor and she had to have a blood test taken. She has had a few in her life, as have I…

A Volatile Crypto Revolution

In a conversation today, people were talking about the crypto market volatility and how crazy it was, even though it is correlated to the…

The Green Floor

I went to the office today for the first time in over a week and was almost immediately bombarded with price questions, even though they…

Burying Gold

While the price has been sliding significantly, I have been taking the opportunity to stack a little more SPS, on top of

Dropped from up High

Seems that even though we are almost a month into 2022 - I still have to work. That wasn't part of the plan. But hey, when the hell…

It's all relative, unless you need to live off it

There is a fair bit of red the last few days - well, the last few weeks really, as the markets have slid away. However, it is good to note…

Card and Deck Scarcity

While I didn't come close with DICE, after 3900 packs and some extras bought on the market, I now have a full CHAOS LEGION card deck,

Savings for the Bear

There are many ways to prepare for the bear and I suggest that people should consider using a few different ones, to diversify and…

There goes her college fund

Joking around in a chat earlier in regards to my seemingly endless Splinterlands investments so far, the question of using my daughter's…

Chasing the Highest Build

The end of 2020 and especially the start of 2021, saw the year of yield chasing get into full swing, where liquidity pools on Eth, turned…

The Ways We Work

Over the last week, there have been three nights where I have got less than two hours sleep and due to work, I haven't had a chance for…

A Load of Crab

There are currently 20 players in the Champion 2 League and zero in Champion 1 - and there are only 16 hours left to go until the end…

Enabling the Earner

Everyone works on incentives and when it comes to crypto earnings, because the it is earned largely outside of the tracked economy, the…

Hivestats V4 Development Update and Roadmap + Share Your Hivestats Experience Contest Winners

Hivestats V3 is officially in production and the update has brought some great new features to the long-beloved app for Hive Account…

Uncoordinated Orders

I was trying to explain to someone today about how consumer algorithms and incentives work to create behavioral trends whilst giving the…

Buying and Selling Stars

It was nice to be in the office for the first time in almost a month for a few hours today, as I got to have lunch with some colleagues…

From Gold to Glory

Everyone loves gold, but not when they have diamond within reach. ...and perhaps more? I waited for the early crowds to clea