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The mentioning of this project is not to be construed as an endorsement of it nor financial advice in any matter. It is being used to highlight the possibilities while serving as an example of the point being made. Each needs to do his or her own research before investing in anything.

Sometimes the best ideas are very simple ones. They often become very powerful especially when combined with tokenization.

BroSilver (BROAG) is one such example. This is a project that was started by the same team behind BROfund. It is one that seeks to reach outside of Hive yet provide a benefit to the entire ecosystem.

The concept is rather basic. This is going to focus upon internet and affiliate marketing. The goal is to obviously get a revenue stream going from different marketing projects to generate a cash flow.

How it works is tokens are being sold to raise the funds to cover the basic expenses for a year. This is being done through the offering of the token. The money will then be used to start the process of generating consistent revenue.

Token holders are rewarded if the project starts to yield a thousand dollars a month. At that point, distributions will occur on a percentage breakdown the team put out in one of its posts.

Obviously, delving into this area is entering a multi-billion dollar industry. These days, it is a mainstream arena.

Of course, this has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or tokeneconomics. Instead, it is a way to generate revenue streams that can provide resources coming into to Hive.


The key here is that all revenues that come in are in fiat. We know the affiliate marketing programs use everyday currency for their transactions. It is not a world that gravitated to crypto yet.

Under this scenario, all fiat that comes in that is used to pay out the token holders will be converted to HIVE. This provides a bit of buying pressure to the price of the token.

Will $1,000 a month make much of a difference? Obviously not.

Nevertheless, this does show the possibilities of creating buying pressure for HIVE. Instead of looking for people to pull money out of their wallet to buy HIVE, how about focusing upon ways that can generate cashflow which than can be used to buy HIVE for distribution.

This is the power of tokenization.

Here is a business idea that is being basically privately funded by individuals from all over the world. The idea is to venture out where the money is, a $12 billion annual industry fits that, and pull some of that money into the Hive ecosystem.

One business doing this is not going to make things moon. However, if it starts the spigot and we adds dozens of ideas like this, we could see things radically shifting. After all, it really will not take a ton of buying pressure to move HIVE up with as tightly held as it is.


When it comes to affiliate marketing, those who are in that business will tell you that $1,000 a month is not much. There are many who do numbers which far exceed that level. In other words, this has much greater potential on a monthly basis. Consider that as the first baseline to achieve.

Will this work?

We will have to wait and see. Nevertheless, the concept is sound. Create a business model that can generate cashflow, get people from Hive involved to help with the costs, and then use the proceeds to buy HIVE for payouts.

In addition to this, we see another opportunity for people on Hive to potentially benefit financially if they choose to get involved (keep in mind this one does contain a large degree of uncertainty hence risk).

One of the biggest advantages Ethereum has is that there are thousands of "sinks" which suck up that token. Not only is it heavily sought after by traders and investors, but there is also the entire DeFi network that requires the token. Liquidity Pools all over the place are locking up differing amounts of Ethereum on a daily basis.

Hive does not have that taking place right now. Thus, we need to focus upon growing from within. This is a bit slower process yet it can be equally as effective. The key is to start generating the resources for people so that they have the means to provide buy support.

Instead of only reaching into our own pockets, why not set things up that enter the massive world of fiat generation and use that to fund our ecosystem? The money is certainly out there.

A couple hundred thousand dollars a month from that world would really alter the plight of Hive.

We would also see the impact in token price.

Building 101.

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