Cryptocurrency: How Quickly Things Can Change

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For years, the advice was just to keep building on Hive. This is something that many of us espoused. Do not worry about token price, just keep building. Forget all the noise, focus upon growing your bags.

We now have evidence of how quickly things can change in cryptocurrency.

The other day I wrote an article about life changing money in cryptocurrency. This is something that many on here already understood. In short, we knew our time would come.

Has it arrived now?

That I am not so sure about. Certainly, this is a great run and we all should enjoy it. Nevertheless, do not be surprised if there is a pullback at some point.

While this will have many people depressed, it is par for the course. The story of Hive will be far from over.


Charlie Shrem Talking About Hive

Hive is getting on people's radar.

Some of you might know of Charlie Shrem. He is an old guard Bitcoiner, who was there from the early days. His story is quite incredible. Nevertheless, he now hosts a podcast that talks about all the different aspects of the cryptocurrency industry.

He recently has @starkerz from @threespeak on his show. This is a terrific listen.

One things that stands out when talking about decentralization, Charlie mentioned the only two that he sees as decentralized are Hive and Bitcoin. All others have some type of centralization to them according to Shrem.

Is this responsible for the run up in price? Not likely. However, as situations like this start to arise, we will be able to tell our story. Of course, it is one that we are writing at the moment.

By the way, you will see that his YouTube account has 155K subscribers. Perhaps over time, the video will get in front of hundreds of new people who never heard of Hive before. It is a slow grind upward. Nevertheless, we are starting to move up the scale.

With a guy like Shrem, it is not so much the number of people who hear what he has to say but the quality. There could be some heavy hitters that he knows, as evidenced by his wife being an movie actress.

Will this turn things overnight? Probably not but it does lay the foundation for further projects to be put in front of him.

Each HIVE Token Represents Stake In What Is Taking Place

Many might not be accustomed to this. Regardless of how much HIVE one owns, he or she has a piece of the ecosystem. This is what having stake means. There is a financial component to this that denotes ownership. Here is where we can see the equation changing completely.

Those who were active on Hive are not only users, they are owners if they powered their tokens up. This means the jump in value is benefitting them to some degree.

Here is what happened to Hive's market cap today.


Each person with Hive has a piece of that total. Of course, the idea is that it will be a larger pie in the future.

This is the collective idea that we often discuss. All of us benefit from the actions of others. We can look at this as a cooperative. When people are involved and active, it enhances the entire ecosystem. For the moment, we are seeing that reflected in the price.

The Road Ahead Is Full Of Optimism

Hopefully everyone is getting a taste. When we discuss life changing money, this is what we mean. When something can go up 300% in a little more than a day, that can really change the fortunes of a lot of people.

Naturally, we have to be mindful of what is taking place and the potential for a massive pullback. When things go up quickly in markets, they can drop equally as quick. If fact, they often do.

That said, regardless of what the price action does from here, be comforted in the fact that this is just the beginning. My guess is that, a year from now, we will look at some of the present prices as low. In other words, we will probably have much higher levels than we do right now.

Things can change very quickly. Even at a billions dollars, that is a small cap in Wall Street terms. As impressive as it is, that still is not on the radar of the bigger money players in the world, which is perfectly acceptable at this point. We still are benefitted from flying under the radar another 6-9 months. As much as people want things to change immediately, sometimes early success is fatal.

We have a lot in the development pipeline. Yes we can enjoy the pump but, all along, I believe that the development and what is being built by all of us will be what sustains Hive at incredible levels. Personally, I dont think we are quite there yet.

Either way, we know a lot is happening. Overall, the float is fairly tight. We are going to see that when the SIP and some other things roll out over the next 6 months.

It is easy to see how 2022 is going to be a glorious year for Hive.

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