RE: Bitcoin will go to $1M / Why other cryptos won't (part 1)

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Lastly, while I get a deflationary environment won't erode the purchasing power of cash by the same degree, you still can't argue with an asset increasing by 100% year over year vs any other investment vehicle out there. There will still be a huge demand to own bitcoin.

I agree with you there will be huge demand for Bitcoin. But you just changed the idea of the what drives adoption of Bitcoin. Now we are discussing the speculative nature of the token which I agree is going to be there. In fact, that is why these companies are going piling in. They are not using it as a hedge since these companies have dozens of ways to do that. They are buying it because the price is going up.

Of course, will Bitcoin be the only one to do that? I have a feeling we are going to see many tokens starting to put together runs like Bitcoin has.

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