RE: Currency Tidal Wave Part 3: The Age of Exponents

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The real development takes (took) place in the Eurodollar markets. That is where the true technology is. They had ledger based banking for 70 years, a reason why I am certain crypto will succeed. They operated bottom-up and designed complex systems outside the scope of central banks.

It is also why international bankers ran (run) the world. You will like one of my future articles, making money to make money.

What is really amazing is how far out of touch the Fed has been for the last 50 years and they know it. That is why they push the management of expectation policy because they know people swallow it up.

Dont fight the Fed!!!

The real money on Wall Street is using the Fed as the contrarian indicator. It seems they always get the opposite results from what they are saying publicly.

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No seriously though you were talking about QE right?


Yeah when the FED issued a warning that the economy might collapse I was like...
isn't that like... really bullish in the short term? lol


Yes that is the essence of QE which is going to be eternal in my opinion. Japan is engaged in perpetual QE and the ECB is not far behind.

The Fed foolishly believes it can stop. How many rate hikes will it do before the world realizes the mistake the Fed made in today's announcement?

They might not make it to the first one, but if they do, I doubt we see two. The data is not looking good.

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