RE: Cubfinance: The Next Step In HBD's Evolution

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How long the process would take is hard to determine. It is all going to depend upon the utility and network effects. Obviously, the more people using it and the more use cases, the greater the resiliency.

To me, in addition to people starting to establish payments with it, I think we should see this:

  • bonding similar to Treasury bonds
  • an exchange to trade the bonds, for HBD (or the derivatives)
  • the establishment of synthetic assets on a Layer 2, tied to the derivatives of HBD.
  • more exotic products tied to it, especially those which can allow hedging such as options.

We already have a Polygon and BSC version of HBD from Leofinance. That means anyone can build on those chains and incorporate them in.

At this point, other than getting into the liquidity pools, there isnt much use case for HBD (or the derivatives of it).

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