RE: This Is The Week We Could See A Change In Polycub

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I am not too familiar with what happened to CAKEPOP but with the new pools, people need to get POLYCUB to enter. If you have 500 HIVE you want to add, half has to be converted to POLYCUB. That is buying pressure. Add in SPS and we could see a lot.

As the pools are filled, it is true demand for the different tokens will move back and forth. Hard to tell which people will want.

However, think of it this way, if I use the pool to get pHIVE to bring on chain, and I have USDC, I have to first buy POLYCUB then use that to get the pHIVE. It is handled in one transaction obviously through a wallet but that is effectively what happens.

So we once again see demand, albeit quickly erased, for POLYCUB.

Finally, this will filter to all areas of the platform. POLYCUB is about to be the pair in 4 liquidity pools. Not all are going to be selling PC at the same time. In fact, there might be serious buying in a few of them as others need to get their hands on PC.

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