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They simply adjust the numbers to encompass more people. It is really that simple.

Few realize the income tax act was only meant to be "for the rich". This is why those who support the "tax on unrealized gains" are total assholes. They claim well it is good to tax the rich. Even if that were the case, in 20 years it will be a tax on everyone.

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That's exactly my point. What starts as something targeted to a small number of people ends up being used on all of us. Then instead of going away once the "mission accomplished" or a "sunset clause" moment is reached, the tax is kept in place as a source of revenue and we're suckers for not paying attention.

At the federal level, government generally receives more in taxes each year that in previous years. Yet national debt grows unsustainably. As bad as government taxation is on us, what's even worse is government spending taking place at a rate which exceeds incoming tax receipts.

Revolutions have started for lesser reasons.

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