RE: The Fed Raises Interest Rates: What This Means For Crypto

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The EU is in a lot of trouble.

I felt that area was due a recession even if the global economy didnt dip into one (and before Ukraine).

Now it is a certainty.

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Gas prices for heating peaked around 10x this year while fuel and electricity are getting too expensive compared to incomes. The government in Berlin has decided that buildings (including living spaces) shall not be heated above 19° Celsius this winter, civil unrest will occur. Layoffs are starting to fill the news and a remarkable slowdown in export trade quantity is apparent. The Euro was at 1.08$-1.22$ two years ago and is in a straight line downwards since May 21 now. All of that while we see accelerating inflation. I see prices go up, income stays the same, and jobs and companies are reducing capacity. Makes me wonder how that's not a depression.