Crypthursday: Axie Infinity, HBD backed project and acumulating crypto

Source It's time for another #cr

Crypthursday: CUB is KING

Source Hello Lions! It's time for another #crypthursday where we'll tak

Crypthursday: CUB, SPK, SEO

Source It's time for another #crypthursday, so we'll be taking a look a

Crypthursday: One month of crypto and cocktails!

Happy 1 month to crypthursday! Source So, this has been going for a month now, which is cool. When I started writing the

Why EVERYONE Should Visit LeoMarketTalk Daily....

Every day the users of LeoFinance get on their phones or computers and check out what's going on in LeoFinance. They see arti

Crypthursdays: Blood and tequila!

Another week of red Blood was on the streets again this week as most of the crypto market continued to meltdown. At times it looked like…

How To Drive Long-Term & Stable Traffic To Hive & Communities

The Importance Of Traffic I think we all know how important traffic is whenever it comes to online businesses. It doesn't matter if

Hive listed for best blockchain technology at "The people's choice crypto awards 2021.

Another chance to promote HIVE as a community. It has just come to my attention that HIVE is listed against Solana and Polkadot for…

Crypthursday: Cubs, Kingdoms and Manhattans

A week to remember Source This was anoth

Everything as a service - Are we going to own less stuff?

The service economy You might have already seen the acronym SaaS (Software as a Service), perhaps you have even seen PaaS and maybe…

Crypthursday: Let's talk crypto and cocktails!

This is my second Crypthursday which is an experiment where I'll try to talk about my view on some of the things that happened in the last…

How To Multiply Your Tribe Token Vote Weight And Fees - Tutorial For New Users

We're getting a lot of new users every day and I think it's appropriate to do tutorial posts for them, to share the knowledge and help…

The reasons why I buy Hive crypto

Source This post is my contr

Introducing Crypthursday and annoucing Cocktail Friday

Introduction This is the first post of an experiment that originated on Leo Market Talk. Let me tell you a brief story of how it came to…

Are Hash Rates Going Down For Mining?

I always find it interesting to read news headlines and everyone elses I guess you could call it blabbing because that's exactly what it…

This is why I invested in RUNE

I'm very new to Hive and to the crypto universe as a whole. In fact, I only really started in crypto when I joined Hive earlier this year.…

Energy Decentralization: How blockchain and crypto will help to reshape the energy industry

Centralized Energy: a doomed model The energy industry as we know it nowadays is very much a centralized one. There are a few exceptions…

CUB DeFi - Training and Marketing

It's been a long time coming. It's a project I've been wanting to get started on for a while now but not only did I need to get my feet…

Voting for "Help a CUB ! is open - Please vote and share this post!!

Hello LeoFinance, for the next week we decide on who wins "Help a CUB" Help a CUB Over the past 4-5 weeks, we have been collecting…

Public Service Announcement: Avoid Ulink Finance (ULK) It's a honey pot scam.

Security is important when it comes to cryptocurrancy and it is vital to ensure the safety of your investment. Being a tech based newly…