Upland blockchaingaming

[EN] Hello folks. I recently told you in a short [post] ( that I was playing the game [upland] (

My first NFT | Mein erstes NFT

[EN] [DE] Hello friends, like many times before, I once again missed a train that might have made it possible for me to be financially…

Where is my money?

[EN] where is my money? Thanks to an airdrop, I received the unknown hive-engine coin $ waiv. There were about 126 pieces and I…

CLOSED: AIRDROP Alert: LOLZ Airdrop Day 3 - Last Day of Airdrop

The LOLZ Airdop is complete. Thank you to everyone for helping get the word out about $LOLZ! Keep following for more chances to earn…

🏆 Taskmaster's Call to Action // Hive Tips Giveaway for tweeting and promoting Hive on Twitter // Call to Action Initiative 🏆

Updated Twitter Rules. This will apply to everyone who is interested to participate ✅ Quote Retweet the target tweet of the day (not…

Hive Power Up Day November

Source: [EN] Every month has its beginning and its end. Two particularly good events take place at the beginning of the month.…
4 mo

Amazon sucht Blockchain Experten


Hive HF25 Curation Bug: Curation Rewards almost zero for all your votes 7 days prior the Hardfork + Reward Exploit by voting on these old posts found.

HF25 Curation Bug: Die Curation-Rewards sind fast Null für alle Votes, die ihr 7 Tage vor dem Hardfork getätigt habt + es wurde ein…
5 mo

My Hive in Vienna


Be careful - you might get a FREE FAKE hardware wallet

Fraudsters get Bitcoin with fake hardware wallets Hey Hive Family be careful with some free gifts As I just read about…
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Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer about Elon Musk

[EN] saw this tweet by accident. The author is believed to be Jackson Palmer, the programmer of #dogecoin. He ann

Hive Power Up Day #hivepud #hpud


Upvote yourself or delegate to @tipu?

[EN] Hi Guys, i have delegated most of my hivepower to @tipu and get a few hives paid out every day. My questions to the group would…

Where can i stake $zee ?

[EN] Hi Guys, I invested a little money in $zee a while ago. I bought the Zee on @bitmax. The platform is now called differently…
8 mo

What da hell... Hive explodes 😁😁

Here we Go 🌕 😜 Ich wüsste sehr gerne den Grund für diesen Preissprung. Nicht,dass mich das stören würde, im Gegentei

Islamic coin? Whats next?

Selam millet, bu Crypto piyasasında neleri gördük hep beraber, ne coin ler geldi, ne scam'lerle geçti ve milleti dolandıranlar oldu. Ben…

Tags & Tokens: Gaining More HE Tokens By Properly Tagging - Doğru Etiketleme İle Daha Fazla Token Kazanma (English - Turkish)

There is some rejoicing on the blogs about the awesome Cub Finance project. The LEO team has recently launced something very exciting for…
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Its Hive Power Up Day

Source: [EN] It's the first day of the month again and it's time to power up a bit again. I don't have much
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When we had steemworld... | Als wir noch steemworld hatten.. | steemworld olduğu zamanlar...

[Source]: ( ..the world was much bette
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Thales7 is a hivedolphin now.

Hallo Hive Familie, [DE] Ich habe nach meinem letzten powerup einen neuen Hive Level erreicht. Seit 2 Tagen ist @thales7 ein Delphin…