Getting my money back from the Casino - Week #3

1 month ago
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Sooo @betfury-steem has started an Ethereum Festival a few days back and I have sinned... I mean I only said I don't want to touch my BTC, I said nothing about ETH!


My ETH Adventure

So a few days ago I put my whole ETH savings onto my BetFury account paying almost 20$ on my 0.2 ETH transmission. I gambled as usual and searched for a slot I feel comfortable with. Unfortunately I did not really find any, the new ones as well as my old favorites seemed to give me quite the bad odds. I was down to almost 0.1 ETH after 2 days of intense playing.



But then I found the in-House game "Stairs" and while it is really simple I somehow had the illusion I can beat the game... and I actually did it! I ran my stack up 0.3 ETH and cashed out my initial deposit of 0.2 ETH and even put 0.022 ETH into the fishy Cake Pool Liquidity Mining-thing I wrote about before. Of course I then hit a bit of a losing streak, but I still got 0.01 Eth left to play with and earned a lot of points during my adventure.


I really like the fundamentals of the Token, I feel like the current shrinking of the reward pool is just due to the high BTC price, which doesn't really change anything long term since the Token is mined in BTC/ETH. If you are a gambler you should really have a look at BetFury and use my referral please:

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