WarzonePolitics - Introducing the Politics alternative to LeoFinance

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So coming back to Steemit after a 3 year hiatus, I learned that most people migrated to Hive and the hottest shit on Hive is their interface LeoFinance. I tried it the past days and I really like it, there is just one huge problem: Crypto and Finance is not the main topic I am interested in. I am much more interested in Politics.

Politics on Hive could really benefit from having it's own User Interface. Imagine being able to sort your feed for news, left-wing, right-wing, anarchism, centrism, memes, Europe, America, Asia or a mix of those.


Of course I would also like to introduce a new Token called WAR. This Token should primarily work like any community token as an upvote Token. The much more interesting secondary function should be as a downvote Token. It is naturally integrated into Hive, but I am not sure how bad it is for someone to get downvoted on Hive. We might have to separate WAR-downvotes from regular downvotes.

War in WarzonePolitics

These downvotes should not be given out randomly but only after a formal declaration war between certain communities. If the War is accepted both communities shall produce content with the tag "raidable". This content should be bolstered up by some whales of the respective community so there is something to raid. Downvotes should also be always paired with comments, criticizing one of the arguments brought forward in the raidable Post. If the criticism is refuted as baseless the downvote should be retracted.

This or similar is how I imagine a War to be held on WarzonePolitics , maybe to spice it up we can make a Total War function where Posts can be raided that are not marked raidable but for that an amount equal to the downvotes has to be paid as fee (burnt maybe).

What do I need?

(1) I need someone who can provide technical assistance, I never programmed a proper UI and I never created a Token. I would love to be a part of the process though, not only giving my input on every step of the way but also learning the skills needed to do things like that on my own. I just did a Java programming course and worked as a Software Tester for 6 years, so I have a little bit of a foundation.

(2) I also need someone really interested in politics that I can bounce ideas off. A partner in Crime who is as enthusiastic about the project as I am.

(3) Someone who can produce high quality artwork.

Generally anyone who wants to support the project is welcome. But I would like to have a team of at least 4, me and the positions I mentioned above.

Banner Challenge - EARN 50 HIVE

To start anything we at least need a first banner and I really suck at doing art, so under this post you can join and do a banner art for WarzonePolitics. The art I like the best will win 50 Hive and I will let open to banter for copyright with art that I might also like but did not make 1st place.Edit2: It would be nice if you could highlight the politics aspect rather than the War part.

Edit3: @friendlymoose has won the challenge! Congratulation and thanks for the awesome art!

I dont want to give too many details for the artwork, I think the text "WarzonePolitics" should be included, but do whatever you think fits best, dont let me hinder your creativity!

I will use the artwork of the contest for this post, that is why it is looking rather barren right now.

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