Got Zilliqa or Tron and want to earn more?

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We were discussing on my article about Tron with @hykss and told me that he just bought 1000 Zil on Binance, but since Binance give such a little interest on it's stake program I got the idea to check a find some other platforms that give a bit more interest back.


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Nexo is a great, super simple platform that gives back a pretty decent % but the problem is that they don't support Zil yet, only Tron and some other coins!
You can get up to 5% interest which is paid daily and you get add to that another 2% if you choose to get the interest in their Token! With their new program you can win more if you buy some of the token and if you upgrade to platinum you can make up to 6%+2% if you choose to get the interest in Nexo Token.




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I just found Bitrue lately, they are legit and they offer quite some good things! I especially like their BTR Coin, you can convert small remainings form other coins into it and you can either stake it, or use it to cover the fees. Anyhow it is pretty nice since withdraw fees for some coins are as low as 0. Anyhow they named Staking as Power Piggy and the interest rate for Zil is 10%. Your coins stay locked up for a period of 30 days.

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Trons staking interest is pretty low only 5.3%. And currently at the moment you can't even stake any!

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Binance have been around for quite some time and it holds quite a name for itself. But when it comes to staking Zil and Tron the interest is pretty low.


Zilliqa's interest is as low as 1.2% in the Flexible savings program, and there is no Lock Up program for Zilliqa, at least not at the moment.
It is not any better for Tron either, with interest as low as 1.75% but if you go to the Lock Up program then you can get a higher interest rate.

Locking Up Tron for 30 days in the binance program you can get back 10.98% interest.

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Cex use to be one of the first crypto exchanges that offered to buy Crypto with credit card that's how me and Cex got to meet.
Cex has currently a very nice offer if you want to buy Zilliqa you'll get 5% Cashback. This is not all of it, hold on until I tell you about staking it!

Interest on Zil is 17% and this is pretty damn nice is you ask me!

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But sadly, I can't say the same for Tron! with only 3.5% interest.

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So far the best program for staking Zilliqa is the Cexio's which yields up to 17% interest. As per Tron I'd stick with the Lock Up program that is offered by Binance yielding up to 10,98% with a 30 Day lock up.

Which staking program do you use?


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