How to open your account in the HIVE.BLOG? Tutorial

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I've seen that many new people that joined @Leofinance are having problems to open their account on @Hive.
I thought that this calls for an article, I really wanted to do this a few weeks ago but I just didn't have that much time!

@Khal also said that it would be great if we, authors, could make more articles of this kind! Leofinance is a big platform which is continuously growing even more. Having said that many new authors have hard time to keep up with the new things or even the basics. So, yes! These kind of articles are actually very necessary!

Also, something that is very important for the new authors here is that Leofinance is one of the platforms which pays a lot in rewards to every hard working author.

Let's start on how to login to your HIVE.BLOG account!

If you are reading this from your Leofinance account this means that you already have an account with Leo which you either opened it by Metamask or Twitter, the same username that you have here exists in HIVE.BLOG as well.

First, go get that Keychain extension for your browser that can be find easily by just searching for it in GOOGLE.

After you have done that, go to your profile in Leofinace, go to your Wallet and click on LEO.


Click on the little KEY Button and download your KEYS.

It will ask for your permission in Metamask just click Sign.

Next step, open the Hive Keychain and click to add an account:

Then, click USE KEYS/PWD

And you'll see this!

Now, Enter your Username, the exact same one you have on Leofinance and you can find your "private key" but in the keys file it goes under the name "password". Click Import Keys after you click that you should see another page that asks you to put the active, posting and memo keys.


You'll have to add each of them and then click Save!

Keep in mind that on Public Keys are needed!

After you've done all this you can login to your Hive.Blog easily...surely it will ask for your confirmation every time though.

I hope this will help you out!
If you have any other questions, let me know in the comment section!


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