We Are carbonZERO - An Eco Friendly Cosmos Ecosystem Validator - Hive Introduction

Hello Hive! We are carbonZERO! What we are is a full service, eco-conscious validator node operator for the Cosmos ecosystem, providing…

Hivelist Is 2 Years Old Today! Celebrating With Some History And A LIST Token Burn!

Watching a project come to life is like watching a child grow! Today, 2 years ago, my first blockchain based child was born! It was…

Pancakeswaps New Trading Platform and More Downside for Bitcoin

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## Hive Is Up Almost 10% In The Last 24 Hours! Can It Hold? Hey #Leofi ...

Hive Is Up Almost 10% In The Last 24 Hours! Can It Hold? Hey #Leofinance friends! Looking at #Hive on the 4HR #chart, we can see some…

Well That Was One Hell Of A Week - Vent Post - Issues and Updates

What a freaking week am I right? I mean it was one of those one thing after another kind of weeks. First the bottom falls out of UST, in…

Encouraging Young Artists and Entrepreneurs on Hivelist!

Here at Hivelist, we stive to help people create their own businesses and side hustles from all walks of life! So why should kids be any…

Bear Markets Are For Building - The Logical NFTs Coming May 25! You Are Going To Need Some pHBD!

With the markets in turmoil, the world seems like it is ending. But it's really just shifting. Lessons have been learned, mo

How I Am Avoiding Loses in The Crypto Bear Market

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Are Crypto Markets Finding Bottom- Looking At Charts Beachside

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HiveCOMmerce Token Update For May - SIM Is OUT and ONEUP Is IN

It's May and spring is in full force! Except in the crypto markets, lol. Unless this is what spring is supposed to look like, lol. Oh…

The Logical DAO on Polygon - Funding The Future Isn't Cheap - NFTs and pHBD Use Case

This post represents the living whitepaper for The Logical DAO. This DAO was created on the Polygon blockchain using the XDAO

The DXY Stampede - Crypto and Stocks Getting Crushed

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Hivelist Is Expanding! PolyList NFTs Are Coming!

With the expansion of our beloved HBD stablecoin over to the Polygon blockchain via our friends over at @leofinance and giving it an…

How to Keep Your Focus and Thrive

There are some important things to remember when you begin to try and increase your productivity. First, you are trying. Remember that you…

The New carbonZERO REStake App - Auto Compound Your Cosmos Chains

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Why Taking A Break Is Healthy For Productivity

Look, as much as we all want to be superhuman productivity machines, that is not possible. There are a few of you I know out there that…

Procrastination Is Not What You Think

As human beings, we have plenty of things to do each day. Some of those things are far less savory than others. Some are huge and…

Good Mornings Produce Good Days

Routines, no matter what they are for, are a great method and tool of switching the brain from one course of action to another. So a…

Central Africal Republic Becomes Crypto Friendly While ALL Markets TANK

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Start Your Day The Night Before For Better Productivity

One of the most overlooked but super helpful ways to help increase your productivity and motivation is to set yourself up the night…