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If you are storing your crypto in your own hardware or software wallet (Which you should be!) you must remember up to 24 seed words to recover your wallet.

These seed words are all that stand between you and your crypto if you need to recreate your wallet. There are many ways to back up these seed words, each has its benefits and drawbacks.

It is typical to store your seed words on paper somewhere perhaps even split between multiple locations. If anyone gains access to these seed words they can gain access to your crypto.

While theft is a major concern, destruction is another. The most obvious is fire and water for paper wallets. A popular alternative to paper is stainless steel and titanium. There are many commercial projects that can help you do this, but they are expensive and many are faulty.


Here is an example homemade solution to store your seed words. This is relatively simple to build and effective. Keep in mind though if anyone gets ahold of it they will have complete access to your wallet(s).

Another popular option is a CryptoSteel tileset or something similar.


These sets are not indestructible and as you can see below once they are compromised, they will no longer be of any use.


There is a cool do it yourself option that is fun and easy to do that will provide a very high level of security against destruction. I came across this on Reddit and found a few different ways to build similar devices.

My favorite is a combination of two projects.

The primary one is Safu Ninja which you can see below.


But swapping the nut for a wing nut as you can see in this recent Reddit post.


While they are the same general idea, I prefer the wing nut but you should be referring to these very infrequently so it really doesn't matter all that much.

The first thing you will need is 24+ washers like these that can be found on Amazon.


There are cheaper options, and this is just an example to get you started.

You will next need an imprinting set which also can be found on Amazon but there is a cheaper set at Home Depot if you are in the US.


At this point, I think you know where we are going with this. You will need to tap all 24 seed words and a number to represent the position in the washers. You can use both sides like Safu Ninja does or use one on each side as the Reddit post does. Choose the type of nut/bolt combination that suits you, and store it somewhere secure like a safe.

You will need a hammer to imprint the letters & numbers onto the washers.


If you want a complete walkthrough, I recommend checking out Safu Ninja.

Remember, if anyone gets a hold of these seed words in the proper order, they will have full access to your wallet(s).

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