What if you bought $100 worth of BTC every month since creation?

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No one really knew what Bitcoin would become, but let's say you did. So you decided to buy $100 worth of Bitcoin each month since the start.

How much would you have?
How much would it be worth?
How much would it have cost?
What would be the ROI?

I thought this was an interesting question, and I decided to figure it out.

First we need to find the BTC price for each month since the beginning. I was able to find a site that had this data readily available here.

I loaded this data into Excel, and after a few simple formulas I figured the answers to my questions. It's quite impressive.

If you bought $100 worth of BTC since July 2010 when it was worth roughly $0.09, you would have accumulated 8123.941409 BTC. I am ignoring transaction fees for simplicity.


Over that time you would have roughly 464,301,181 million dollars. This would have costed you around $12,900, for a return on investment of 36,069%.

I don't think you could really come up with many investments with a return of 36,069%.

Some interesting observations.

  • The first month you would be able to buy 1,111 BTC for $100.
  • The second month you could buy 1,666 BTC with $100, and on the 3rd and 4th month.
  • May 2011 would be the first month you couldn't buy 100 BTC with $100.
  • October 2012 is the first month you couldn't buy 10 BTC with $100.
  • April 2013 would be the first month you couldn't buy 1 BTC with $100.
  • Today you would be able to buy 0.001759726890386 BTC for $100.

Let's dream a little, what would you be able to get with $465+ million dollars?

You could spend the next 17 years at Mark Hotel in Manhattan, New York. This is considered the most expensive hotel in the US.

You could buy 3,782,936 shares of Apple (APPL) stock, or roughly 2.77% of the current outstanding shares.

You could buy 5,170 Tesla S with auto drive unlocked. I'm sure Elon Musk would love you for that.

You could buy the entire market cap of HIVE and still have 196.5 million left over.

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