You need to position yourself | POB Rules

We are seeing a big problem happening in the community, which is causing the price to drop precipitously. And now the solution that must…

POB Muting Accounts? - Is this Centralisation at its worst?

The Proof of Brain tribe has been going great guns over the past few months and there has been a really strong community built. However…

Market Watch: Hodl your breath for $35k.

Technical analysis for Bitcoin right now is in an extremely tenuo

Creative Coin climbs in Brofi pools

This afternoon the Creative Coin Fund, in conjunction with @cliffagreen, purchased enough BRO in the Hive-Engine market to catapult…

POB a good place to stay

Looking at recent posts, I'm seeing a friendlier air lately with a lot of people hoping for what POB will become. I believe a lot of this…

NO Financial Security in POB Investment

POB Tokens are NOT safe The following post is my personal opnion on POB token, where I did make a small investment couple of days back…

Joke was on me. Money is better than love

} I started a joke many years ago, when I first decided that pursuing a professional carreer on a big company would be a unsatisfactory.…

The Elephant in the Room, POB's future?

Maybe you haven't seen it? That is because the person who wrote the post was "muted" by @proofofbrainio. It is a post by @azircon on…

What is the real value of POB? 1 dollar, 2, 5, 10 or more?

art created by me I well remember the first time I discovered POB, right at the beginning with a post from @vempromundo and some…

Act NOW before it's too LATE!

The chaotic POB Word of the Week Contest continues! The contest concludes at midnight Sunday! Unleash your creativity!

Why you shouldn't take tribe market caps seriously

If you check out Hive Engine, two out of the top five tokens are tied to a Hive Engine tribe. That's around $2,500,000 in market…

2021 🐝 Hive Blockchain Games 🎮 - The ecosystem is expanding!

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ *This is not the type of post for your to read it straight away from top to bottom and then curate, but if you do it, my…

How POB changed my life a little

My first post on POB your unit was worth $0.097, 12% of the current value, and it had been 7 days since the community was born. At…

Stop complaining at POB

Source I have a big flaw or maybe an ability. It depends on which part

Finally 1K on Stake // Finalmente 1K em Stake

Yes, I was looking forward to making this commemorative post! For me it's very important to know that I've arrived at this incredible…

How to get 2k bucks in 2 months with POB?

This publication was also written in Portuguese. I had an important goal for this year, that goal was: buy a car. I'm not sure I can…

The Outrageous Race is still ON!

The POB Word of the Week Contest for OUTRAGEOUS is on! You still have time to enter your article for a chance at winning Proof of…

TOKEN ALERT: There is a new option in town.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Regroup](

🧠 What is Proof Of Brain? An introduction 🧠

Dear Brainers? Brainiacs? No-brainers? POB Tribe Proof of Brain is a Hive Tribe that came live a few months back and has enjoyed a…

I'm very sorry. Because I can not ...

Because I can't read, comment and participate in almost everything that happens here. Life is hard and rushed and we can't stop…