Ask Leo : Does a smart investor visualize bear market as an opportunity to accumulate wealth

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Smart investors are investors that are ready to take risks and taking risks comes with with rewards and also the higher the risk , the higher the rewards attach to it.
And only a smart investor usually visualize a bear market as an opportunity to accumulate wealth because during this period a smart investor buys at this period and they buy at a lower price using small amount of cash to buy many coin while others investors are exiting the market , a smart investor keeps buying and buying and during the bull market when others want to come back to the market such smart investor are making or taking their profit thereby making them to accumulate more wealth.

They see the bear market as an opportunity rather than an excuse to exit the marketplace.

Be a smart investor and take the opportunity to buy more coin during the bear market and store or hodl it for the bull market and a great profit will follow and be ready to take risk because everyday we take one risk or the other.


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