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Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I have written a post and noticed I haven't really been purchasing cards to upgrade for a while so I've gone back to get a few things to make my gameplay a little more interesting when playing rank battles on Splinterlands. My thoughts have always been the same if a small investment could improve my gameplay by just a little bit to edge out my opponent, that extra investment is well worth it. Not to even mention that you get airdrops for each of the cards I purchase, that is definitely a win in my books. So let me introduce the cards I have upgraded recently.

This one was a must for me. Although it's a little expensive for my liking, I love using the stitch leech. I've rented the non-gold foiled card and it has been a gem so I thought its time to get the card but in gold to take advantage of the extra DEC if I win the match. With two powerful abilities for a low mana card, this one is definitely one that I would be using more often since I have it in my collection.

Screen Shot 20220510 at 9.16.23 pm.png

The next one would be the Silent Sha-vi. Again powerful ability, in particular the sneak ability with a combo of my other sneaks in the death splinter, some battles finishes very quickly. Again although it is a common card, it is pretty expensive as many players can see the potential of its powers so the price was also a factor why it took me so long to upgrade this card. Unfortunately, this card may not be used that often due to it being a 5 mana card in particular, the low mana battles so I probably have to stick to my Skeleton Assassin instead for those occasions.

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Finally, this one I am not really sure about but thought I'll get it to a level 4 so at least I have this monster in my collection. Pelacor Arbalest is one I am not 100% sure about. Even though I have rented this card to try it out but I find that I never really played it that often. I find I have more cards to choose from in my collection and with 6 mana, I have plenty of choices. I do feel like I am missing out so I thought I'll get it up to level 4, at least I could say I have it at a semi-decent level and play it if a skill set suits and only the life splinter is at play. I hope to invest into these cards will benefit in the long run and even if I don't use them that often (in particular Pelacor Arbalest, I can use them for land when that side of the game play is out)

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