Splinterlands New Reward Cards - Have You Got Them Yet?

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Hi Everyone,

The highly anticipated new reward cards are finally released. With many of us receiving mostly potions and DEC in our chests for daily and season rewards, we can finally get to see more cards appearing in this mystery chests. There wasn't a post to reveal each of the reward cards so it was up to the players to discover it themselves these next couple of days. I had a look at the ones that has been revealed (and I think by now, all of them have been), and picked a few which may be useful for my teams. There are a few that looked promising but I am probably too comfortable with what I play with and not sure if I would be changing things up with the new edition of reward cards. I did notice on the mavs chat that players have noticed a possible power creep for one card under the water splinter but I don't play water so I probably don't need to worry about that for the time being. Now let me show you what my early picks are according to the splinters I play with.

The first one will have to be the Venari Crystalsmith for my life team. At level 1, it can provide the team heal with is a great help to the team. Currently I have divine healer doing that job but imagine having two team healths, this might be the game changer for my life splinter team. The range damage isn't that high even at level 5 onwards until you max it out you get a 3 damage. I don't have a max team at all so I won't be maxing these cards at this stage.

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The next one which caught my eye was Venari Seedsmith for my earth team. The scavenger ability is one of my favourite as every monster dies, its life will increase by one. At level 4, the range attack is a stunning 3 which is pretty attractive in my books. At level 5, it also as the poison ability also my favourite so this one is a keeper for sure at this stage. I do find the card at 5 mana is a little high so I would be looking to use it for those high mana games if I decide to build on this particular card.

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The last one I quite like is Gargoya Devil. Again a high mana card but the ability is amazing. I have noticed the cards I like this time round are all range cards which isn't a bad thing but would have thought there would be a better range for my splinters at least At level 4, the deathblow ability comes into play giving double damage if the target is the last monster left in the team. It is like a double kill if I understood it correctly but we shall see how it works when I get that card in my team. Again this card might be best used for higher mana games at this early stage of understanding the new cards. Do you have any of the new reward cards you seem to like?

If you haven't started playing Splinterlands, join us here. See you all on the battlefield!

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