Shitcoin Bonanza #4 - Get on your PC and start mining dicks !!!

15 days ago
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Welcome to shitcoin bonanza, a series where we explore some of the most silly, stupid, ridiculous and hilarious shitcoins to have ever existed. Some are dead. Some are still alive. But they all are shitty!


The answer to all your problems is here and just like every other innovation in crypto, a dick is behind it.

No longer do you have to worry if "this dick can go round", because with this innovative and life changing creation, your dick can be tokenised to make sure it goes round.

Unlike your dick that hardly gets any action, this dick has been out since 2014 and while being totally useless, it garnered some attention. And by some, I mean almost none. Which is still more than your dick.

According to the announcement by the designer, there's a tiny amount of premine before the private part was made public.

The coin has a very small premine to get things going, and will be sold to take back the time I wasted on this shitty coin.

You have to appreciate the sincerity!

With a block time of 1 second, I have to question the capabilities of this dick. The designer ignored the simple principle of "the longer the better" when it comes to dick and I sense this project will suit one-minute men the best.

Coin Name: DickCoin
Symbol: SMD
RPC Port: 6969
P2P Port: 9696
Testnet Port: 6996
Max Coins: 69696969
Block Reward: 1 SMD
Block Time: 1 per second
Retarget: Every day

For now, you may download the source here::

As for the Windows wallet, it is being compiled since 2014. Who knows, maybe this year is the charm! Nah... Who am I kidding. This dick is long dead now.


So, what are you waiting?! Get on your PC and start mining dicks! Today!

Feel free to visit if you want to learn more about dick coin.

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