Travala joins forces with Frontier

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Looks like Travala is gearing up for a super productive year. In the coming months, the tight travel restrictions in most countries will be loosened due to the spread of the vaccine and that will most probably translate to lots of bookings on Travala, that still go up despite the corona pandemic.

The crypto enabled travel agency that I regularly talk about has been getting a lot of partners who have noticed the huge opportunity in them.

In today's news, Frontier (FRONT) will now be accepted on Travala. Here's what Philip Arthur Moore, COO, Frontier had to say;

This is yet another step towards the bullish future

At Frontier, we can think of no better partner to bring exclusive deals for travel, homes, flights, and other activities to our community of FRONT holders. Our team is fully remote, genuinely global, and looks forward to utilizing Travala’s massive ecosystem for team meetups and community events.”

Frontier is a chain-agnostic Defi aggregator that is trying to find some use cases for their shitcoin. Travelling sounds like a solid use case to me.

This move adds FRONT to the 40+ cryptocurrencies that can be used to access over 3 million products (and growing) by Travala like hotels, flight tickets etc of Travala and brings me one step closer to be rich enough to my life dream, a blow job from the queen of England.

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