Here's How You Can Earn Real Money On The Hive Blockchain!

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The Hive Blockchain provides content creators and consumers alike with plenty of possible ways to earn some extra cash on the side. Of course, it's not all about the money, though it incentivizes a sort of next-level involvement that you can't find anywhere else. Here I plan to bring to light some of the best and most popular methods users can use in order to do earn.



Starting with, in my opinion, the most efficient way to make a decent sum of cash in as little as a week. Blogging. What I am doing now in order to relay this information to you. To start blogging, all you need is a HIVE account that is completely FREE. You can blog on many different dApps such as Hive Blog (where I am writing this article), PeakD, LeoFinance, Ecency, ProofOfBrain, Splintertalk, and I'm sure the list goes on with a few others. You can check out any of those links to get started right now!

All you have to do is first, come up with an interesting topic. One that will draw the attention of anyone on the platform, or maybe just something that interests you or the community so you can connect. Then, write up your take on the topic with helpful and innovative information and ideas. Hard work gets rewarded whereas lazy work will find you nowhere; put in some effort! Next, you can markup your text with bold or add images to give it a little extra pop. Once you've finished the article's body, you can add tags that are relevant to the topic you chose to get some extra exposure. Finally, you can post your article, gather feedback from the community, and watch your earnings pile as you put out a successful article!

There are also many other ways to stack rewards from your posts. When you post to, say Splintertalk, you will receive SPT, the token native to the Splintertalk platform, as well as Hive rewards from your blog on Hive Blog or PeakD, and even some Leo token from LeoFinance's interface! When you tag platforms such as #ecency or #proofofbrain, your post is automatically entered into those platforms as well and you can receive their form of individual rewards.

All rewards earned from blogging are generally paid out after a 7-day period, and are split 50%/50% with the creator and curators (coming up next).


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Now we are on the opposite end of the blogging spectrum, curation. This is simply done by being on the receiving end of content posted on any Hive dApp and giving a post an upvote. What exactly does my upvote do, you ask? Using Hive Blog as an example, having HP or Hive Power gives you the ability to add monetary value to your upvotes. The more HP you have and the higher you want to upvote a post, the higher the monetary value of your upvote. When you upvote a post, you then will be able to earn a percentage of the cut from the creator's post. Remember how I said posts are split 50%/50% between the creator and the receivers? By upvoting, or curating, you are now entitled to a certain percentage of that 50%, and will receive a cut corresponding to the overall earnings of the post.



There are actually two methods of curation, manual (what I just described to you) and delegation. Delegation is where you give temporary ownership of your HP (using Hive Blog as an example again) to another user/account for them to use in curating other creator's content. You then receive a portion of the earnings that the account gained from curating corresponding to the amount of HP you delegate to them as a percentage of the total amount of HP delegated to the account. All in all, delegation is where you allow someone else to curate with your HP on your behalf.

The two accounts I invest/delegate fully into are @ecency and @tipu. I will have a separate post soon explaining in full detail why I delegate to and completely trust these accounts. In short, they both offer extra benefits beyond the scope of automatic return that are worth looking into.


I also invest a bit in the P2E game Splinterlands, and find myself blogging on the Splintertalk platform quite often (though you can no longer see my previous posts due to the recent Splintertalk UI overhaul). As a result of this, I have amounted myself a good amount of SPT and have delegated my earnings to @monster-curator, to where I had been earning a decent sum every day.

Staking/Powering Up

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In the same passive earning aspect of delegating, you can stake or power up your HP or SPT, etc. You actually need to do this regardless in order to delegate or curate but this here is a separate way to earn. By staking your earnings, you can earn a variable APR on them by simply leaving them sit. The current APR for Hive Power is 3.06%. This, on top of curating/delegating, will lead to a string of passive earnings that can easily be reinvested to further increase earnings. You earn by holding staked currency in your wallet as well as the curation/delegation rewards that you need to stake to have access to anyways. A complete win-win situation!

Blockchain Gaming


There are plenty of P2E games on Hive Blockchain that are continuing to gain massive popularity with a surge of interest in the genre. Some of the most popular front-end games include: Splinterlands, Brewmaster, dCrops, Lucksacks Poker, and dCity. You can check out any of these games through the links above. Now personally, I am invested in both #Splinterlands and #dCity. They are both interesting and engaging to me, and I have earned a sizeable profit through these investments.

All tokens and currencies associated with each game have different values that can increase or decrease, however, I believe that with the influx of interest in blockchain gaming as a whole recently that there is no reason for values to drop dead in the near future; just my reasoning. In Splinterlands, for example, you can currently earn the governance token, SPS, by holding game-related assets in your wallet. This allows you to earn daily allowances of the SPS token, to where you can then stake that to also earn a variable APR; which is 123.37% at the time of writing this.

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Last on the list is the dApp called 3speak. This app is a content creation app similar to Hive Blog or Splintertalk, but in video format. Think of it as Hive's 'YouTube' of sort. I have not uploaded anything on this platform as of yet, but I have heard plenty about it and am familiar with it. Same as with blogging, users can upvote your videos and allow you to earn on your posts. You can also earn by curating others' content.


There are many ways a user can earn on the Hive Blockchain. Every method listed either includes no prior investment or an extremely small investment. Blogging and sharing your thoughts? Playing an enjoyable game? Earning on your earnings with the click of a button? Anybody can do it, with a little bit of effort and some dedication, you'll be finding yourself with a pretty notable heap of income!

Did you learn anything from this post? What are your thoughts? Let me know!


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