Stay strong fren

It's just a healthy correction, in the case you miss to sell, worst case you hodl another 4 years + Or in terms of a scam coin, you will…

Bear market protection

Yo, in terms of bear it is always good to have some fiat in the bank. Besides this, what is worth to hold? That's always are really…

Today feelings - Bear inside

Meanwhile on 348248024%APY farms: After I realize there is no cloud: ![](https://

₿adgerDAO losses over $120 million - hacked

Rugpull? Inside Job? ![](

GM - be happy - Go moon - Good morning

Btw did you know what NFT really means? Anyway, have a nice day and enjoy. cya

Uniswap Loves your Wallet data

Uniswap frontend has started snitching on users Looks like since October 25th

When Polycub?

@leofinance @khaleelkazi When polycub? I want it. I want to farm on Matic on a farm I trust. with 1000% APY! And the khalender…

Governments become out of control

'Time to think about mandatory vaccination' across the ENTIRE EU, Ursula von der Leyen warns after Austria and Germany announced plans to…

Twitler is here

Sharing images is an important part of folks' experience on Twitter. People should have a choice in determining whether or not a photo is…

Media loves Virus

Fear sells. That's not new but IMO a huge part of the problem of modern society. The virus is something they sell to their readers for…

Do we have tradingview community on Hive?

Do we have tradingview community on Hive? I know, not much content. I remember we had something but I don't find it.

Twitter will allow Ethereum tips soon

Maybe the reason Jack leaves? What about the fees? I would say ETH is the most useless token for tiping. I mean tips are microtransactions…

MicroStrategy now holds 1 out of every 173 Bitcoin

Lol, I don't know that's smart. Special for other companies that want to invest, it can become a red flag.

Breaking News - We are in the matrix

Do you know Southpark? Do you know the newer season about trolls? Trolltrace happens in real life. OMG, why is the world becoming so…

Jack Dorsey leaves Twitter

Interesting does he think he leaves the sinking ship? Or is it because he wants to build on Web3? Or is it because he simply wants to be…

The biggest fight will come

We will face in the next years users will defend Web2 because of brainwashing. Special the profiteers of web2 will defend it. The…

@Freedom - The gigawhale

@freedom is one of the earliest Hive wallets here on Hive. With 13.2 Million Hive, also the biggest. The current value of it is 31 Million…

Some bear Memes

Bear is here Tether is 100% backed Painhub SEC ![](

The Internet in 10 years , connect everything.

In the next 10 years, we will see the connection of everything. The digitalization of everything. Everything that’s not connecting will…

Weekend Memes

Some Memes for you, wish you a nice weekend! GM! BTW, I'm open to some movie recommendations Agree? The Trader The Copoooooor…