Bitcoin.org is hacked -- Be careful Scam inside

Bitcoin(org) got hacked und runs now a double your money scam. Never send anyone coins that tell you they double your money ( except…

Regulation FUD -- Hey hey hey

New US Crypto Regulation Far More Invasive Than We Thought US Congress intends to regulate crypto on a level far deeper than currently…

Hey Hey Hey carbonfi.io Rugpull

Hey hey hey, Hey hey hey, Hey hey he

Beara markt started

Dear frens, hope you do well. Top?

HBD = Shitcoin

I know the idea behind was a good try. But. It will never work if it depends on an outside value without connecting it close to that…

So much money moving

Whales Alerts 20 Million in, 100 Million out. 10 Million long, 3 Million short. That comes in seconds. What I think, these…

El Salvador gets rekt

Play the Game. What if, Bitcoins fall to 7k$. I think El Salvador gets massive rekt. Sure it is at some point funny, because it is…

RIP Tendieman Wassie

Missed Tendieman Wassie. The last time is seen in the mouth of a Bearwhale. Your help is needed.

Hardware that stop working random

My monitor died, for no reason. My 15 years old one is working like a machine, works day today. The 4 years old is now for the trash.…

Top Exitscam and Red Candle Charts


Meme of the day " The regulartor

IMO really funny. Meanwhile on Twitter: just healthy correction bro ![unt

Million Token Update from Techlead

I see that random video from Techelad. The creator of Million Token. Here is my last post about: It is like safemoon and the other…


Something short, My whale alert spams whales sell. Starts from 1 Million up to 10 Million in seconds tact. Maybe something you are…

Hive is part of #wassieinfestation on CT

My 2 wassie are shared by startbust. Both have the Hive cap :) they got together 15k impressions. Not that many likes, but hive is now…

Trust in yourself

The headline sounds promising, right? I want only to share that cool "Wassie Urun" and "Tendieman Urun" Because I trust in myself.…

Walmart will accept litecoin Fakenews

Today another Fakenews strive around the News sites. Walmart accepts Litecoin as a payment method by October 1. Totally fake. I…

About Hive Moon

Last days I read again a lot of Bull posts. I'm also bullish on Hive. But not in a short timeframe and not even with these high numbers.…

Something i think about Hive

IMO, a slow growth from there would be fine. Because we want all tech in place for the masses. Most apps cant afford the onboarding…

Safemoon, is this an topcall?

Akon Promo video elijahwood Promo Video ICE CUBE Promo Video And another promo video from them

be careful BTC shorts in Millions

Only one thing, be careful. There comes again spam from Whaletrades/Whalealert shorts in Millions. On the Other Side tether print in…