Stake based Governance Model coming to SportsTalkSocial Community; How much SPORTS do you have?

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It looks like the long wait for growth in the SportsTalkSocial community is gradually coming to a halt with some crucial communication coming from the community's official account @SportsTalkSocial. We know how such information as this can be encouraging to stakeholders while giving other users the reason to get involved.

For a long time now, we've been musing on developments on Hive blockchain that would leverage the SPORTS token. It seems we'll get to see some begin to roll out. reading this post penned four days speaks volume and it's exciting that alas there is some more motivation to fill more SPORTS into our bags and as well power them up.

At the moment, holding a stake of SPORTS only allows a user to vote for favourite blogs to earn 50% curation reward. Here, we'll be having an added usecase for SPORTS stake - GOVERNANCE.

The governance model as proposed by the team lead @Patrickulrich is to help decentralize the operations of the Sports community on Hive by giving decision making rights to stakeholders. One can say, like being a witness on Hive.

In simple terms, the governance would allow SPORTS stakeholders to vote for a "proposal" that they feel would lead to the growth of the STS tribe and as well appreciate the price of the token while helping bring more users to Hive. With this, any Hive user can decide to build on Hive in a way that leverages SPORTS and the project would be fully funded by the community if approved by stakeholders' votes.

We are very happy to announce that we've prepared a partnership with the ARCHON tribe to deploy their governance layerware for the SPORTS ecosystem. Pending the approval of this proposal, we will be able to operate our community without relying on any one individual's sole decision making and instead use our shared consensus to run and grow the community through the use of governance proposals. - source

At this juncture, the stake of SPORTS a user holds would tell to what extent the user can support a proposal to build on SPORTS.

Meanwhile, a handful of accounts are holding hundreds of millions of SPORTS token. However, the price of the token is quite very cheap for others to join and build their stakes before external stakeholders join us here.


It is believed that the more decentralized the community is, the faster it will grow sustainably. I see a future when we'll have like 10 sports games leveraging SPORTS token and say 10 sports teams adopting the token as a fan token, then several SPORTS would have been sent to null to help grow the token value.

Decentralization is understood to be the future of any crypto project and having Hive communities going decentralized is nothing short of being awesome. With this new development, we don't just earn from our stakes, we also help to build the community.

Remember, I presently earn as much as $100 and more from SPORTS curation monthly. It would be exciting to support a huge project that would build a sports game with my stake still simultaneously.

It can only get better!

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