HIVE NFTs vs Twitter NFTs: Comparing $500,000 Bids With @risingstargame Cards

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NFT craze is starting to pick up real speed recently with Tweets being sold as NFTs for prices as high as $500,000 (paid by none other than Justin Sun). What value do these "Tweets" provide?; Nothing!

If the Tweet gets deleted or censored, it may have some value. But you could use much cheaper options for archiving content. The real value is in some ephemeral bragging rights and a chance to sell the NFT to someone who is willing to pay even more money and let the chain continue until the prices have to eventually crash.

This is much like the madness that is modern art. @risingstargame is different from these NFTs.

My First S14 Romeo Purchase

I made the purchase with HIVE. The price was extremly low from its high has S14 Romeo cease to be able to be used for minting Special Limited Edition Instruments in @risingstargame Still, the stats are useful in the game. Compare the card with this:

The Ways @risingstargame NFTs Can Be Better Than $500,000 Tweets

  • They look better (could be subjective)
  • They can be used in a game
  • Come with 3 second feeless transactions and all the other features of HIVE
  • Can be used to generate passive income through rankings and completing missions


  • Decentralized
  • Uniqueness guaranteed and tracked using blockchain
  • Market to trade

How Valuables by CENT is Better

  • More brand recognition through high few high profile bids

You might as well say that has nothing over @risingstargame except for a few hype based numbers and a severe lack of creativity. The best part is that @risingstargame is not event the biggest NFTs you get to buy on HIVE. These differences give me confidence in the entire HIVE ecosystem. It also makes me easier to justify my purchase of even more S14 Romeos as the price keep going up:

The Best is Yet to Come

I have seen the developers continue to push more updates and I see no reason for them to stop when NFTs are very likely to become a craze that will remind us of the dotcom bubble. You can start playing the game at and use your in game earnings to purchase even more NFTs.

That is exactly what I have been doing. I have invested very little of my own crypto into @risingstargame I won a pack from @battlegames and continue to build up from that. Now I'm a Level 64 player.

Happy Investing!

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