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Hello everyone and Welcome to my Starbits and LEO Giveaway. To participate you will just need to leave a comment saying which account you want me to send the prizes if you win, an example would be @wazock which is my account.

*By posting the comment you will be eligible to win the 1500 Starbits. To win 1 LEO you will need to use the Leofinance.io interface to comment.

Prizes in LEO will be accumulated, this means that if the winner of the giveaway does not comment using the Leofinance.io interface, the LEO will be accumulated for the next giveaway which will reward 1500 Starbits + 1 LEO (+ the number of LEO accumulated).

To make the rules easier to understand I will put a summary of them below.

Rules to Participate

  • Post a comment saying which account you want to receive the prizes if you win the giveaway.

  • Use the Leofinance.io interface to earn 1 LEO

  • Comments will be accepted until this post is 23 hours old.

  • Upvotes and following are not required to participate, but your support is appreciated.

  • The site used to select the winning comment will be the Hive Random Picker.

  • After the site selects all comments I will manually check if they are all included and I will remove comments that were made after 23 hours

Good Luck to All!!

Rising Star is a Blockchain Hive game where you can create your band, play shows, tour and earn Starbits which is one of the game's tokens. You can use the Starbits you earn to buy new cards and increase your earnings on missions, you can use them on Music Promoter to earn Starpro (another game token) and other utilities. You can also sell it on the Hive Engine.

LEO* is the main token of the Leofinance platform, you are able to get it by posting it on Hive and using the tag #leofinance, you can also buy/sell it on the Hive Engine and if you put it on Stake you will receive rewards by voting on posts with the tag #leofinance according to the amount of tokens you have in Stake.

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Giveaway #165 Winner is @akiraymd

Prize: 1500 Starbits

Did not use the Leofinance.io interface to post comments so you will only receive STARBITS as a prize, the LEO will be accumulated for the next giveaway

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Frequent Participants: @mosesessien @jfang003 @blitzzzz @tengolotodo @yeckingo1 @chapelle @akiraymd @captainquack22 @osomar357 @bandada @criptosectadepit @hoosie @mosesessien @ifarmgirl-leo @davidxxl @middle-earthling @henruc @bitandi @hatdogsensei @marvinix

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