Everything (trick) you need to know about promoting a post on leofinance (newbie HACK 2)

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Hello everyone
It feels good to write to you guys again. One of the issues I had as a newbie(tho I'm still a newbie, but I'm a step ahead tho) was understanding the principle of promoting a post on leofinance.

I asked several times on the discord channel, the only reasonable reply I got was, I could promote with any amount of Leo. With Joy in my heart I told myself, I could just use the little Leo I've earned to promote my post, so our top stakers could like it.

But I was wrong, promoting isn't just about promoting with any Leo amount, if you're promoting your post, you'll need it to top the chart. Atleast if it can't make it to number 1 on the promoting table, it shouldn't miss number 2 or 3, that's the only way your post gets seen on the trending page.

I used 2 Leo to make my first promotion, unfortunately it wasn't showing on the trending page, I felt okay, after a usewhile my turn to be on the trending page would come by, but no, my turn never came. Leofinance uses a principle of the highest bidder, tops the chart.

Which is kind of not favourable to newbies, because the BIG BOYS would just keep using as much Leo as they've got to dominate the top 3 to 5 positions on the trending page.


You'll need to know who's top on the promoting table, so if you take a step to the trending page, as at right now, you'll realise that the post by @onealfa (voting power 'hack') is top on the trending page

While the second post goes to @whatageek (the daily contest - coins you are following!)

Then the 3rd goes to @tradewatchblog

On the first day that @onealfa made his promotion, I was able to find out how many Leos he used, but at the moment, I can get my hands on it again, because between 5 days ago and now, He has made lots of transactions with His Hive account

The for @whatageek, He wasn't the one who promoted His post, because it's not reflecting on His transaction history.

So as I said earlier, you'll have to know who's top on the chart.


You'll have to take note of the title of the post, because that's what you'll be working on.


You'll go to the profile of who ever is top, go to their loe balance, just below it, you'll find their transaction history, all the Leos that has gone in and out of their account.

As I said, @onealfa has done so many transactions, @whatageek wasn't the one who promoted His post.

So we'll be working with the 3rd person on the chart, which is @tradewatchblog. I was able to find how much Leo he spent on promoting His post, which is 7.777 Leo, as seen in the picture below
So to push @tradewatchblog off the 3rd position, you'll need to do a little top up to what He used to promote His. That could be about 8 Leos or more

In conclusion, I'll suggest to @leofinance that the promotion requirements should change, since it'll only favour the BIG BOYS on the platform, a newbie who's struggling with earning won't be able to promote a post with ease.

If we can work with a time base system where you spend Leo according to how long you want your post to be shown on the trending page, or it could be based on number of views you need. The present criteria for boosting is definitely not favourable.

I can't even boost my post, because I'm not sure if I'll get back the Leo I'll spend in boosting it.

Anyways, I hope this post was useful to you.

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