My Hivestats 1st Impressions

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It's always great to see and read about all of the improvements and development being made daily on the HIVE Blockchain.

LeoFinance is really a Leader when it comes making improvements. There's a lot on their plate but they are delivering. The most recent dish they have served up is a new and improved Hivestats page which was actually rebuilt from the ground up.


The very 1st thing I noticed was that I was not overwhelmed by brightness (I am part Gremlin and sensitive to bright lights) and it appears that Dark Mode is the default mode. If you're a freak you can always turn on Bright Mode, but I am so happy along with many others for the dark color scheme.

The 2nd thing I noticed was the autofill when filling in the username. If you're nosey like me you like to look up other members. Sometimes users have numbers in their names so as long as you kinda know how to spell their username you'll be able to find them from a dropdown list as you type. Nice touch !

You seem to have access to all the same information whether you're signed in or not, but still have an option to sign in. So I'm not quite sure what the benefits to signing in are? Once you're in Hivestats you can always change the username at the address bar and replace the username after the @ symbol to look up additional accounts.

Overall the new website looks clean and smooth. Every category is well placed and easy to navigate. Pretty much any stat you'd want to look up is available when it comes to HIVE.

There is a section which includes some basic information about your HIVE Engine Tokens, as well as a section which recaps your recent blockchain activities like receiving an upvote, a curation reward, comment curation reward, Token Transfer, Token Issue etc.

My one and only suggestion / question is : WEN $LEO Stats?

I would love to get get all the same information about $LEO as you have provided for $HIVE.

Great job on the update, it's my 2nd favorite DAPP after LEOPEDIA!

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Q. WEN $LEO Stats?

A. Very soon™

Love the new HiveStats.

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