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The sneaky thing about private equity firms is that they are, by nature, private. Their actions are opaque.

For example, there are private equity firms that buy up small businesses. The public at large does not know that the small business that they were supporting is now really a tentacle of a private equity firm.

Private equity firms have been buying up huge swaths of the residential retail market.

A private equity firm might do something with crypto like fund a whale. Do we really know who is funding the whales?

the blockchain will make people realize just how much of a bad deal they've been dealt.

Sadly, I see circumstances in which the blockchain becomes just another avenue for dishing out a Raw Deal™ to the public at large in the Web 3.0 Metaverse™.

Metaverse™ is a registered trade mark of Mark Zuckerburg.

Raw Deal™ is a registered trademark of the Federal Reserve Banking system.

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