Green Dominance observes in crypto market

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Musk indication of accepting BTC payment on condition has created a positive impact on market. Today bullish trend observed in market as majority of coins remained green.

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Almost 100 Billion USD has been added in global crypto capital. Current global crypto capital is 1,410 Billion USD.

BTC is leading the chart with a market cap of 643 Billion USD. Today 6.8% growth helped coin to surpass 34,000 USD worth.

ETH gained 8.8% worth today and coin is heading towards 2,200 USD. Current worth is 2,195 USD.

Tether is at third spot with a market cap of 61.87 Billion USD. BNB grabbed the 4th position with a market cap of 51.17 Billion USD. BNB is trading around 301 USD.

Overall good day for market and investors. Let see how see market behave tomorrow. Hope for the best.
Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead. Have a nice time.

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