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Hello again my fellow community, I just want to share a comparison on where we should put our money now based on my personal opinion and experience. I would also like to remind you that I'm not your financial advisor and what I'm sharing here is base on my theory and own personal investments.



A bank is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits and make loans. Banks may also provide financial services such as wealth management, currency exchange, and safe deposit boxes. There are several different kinds of banks including retail banks, commercial or corporate banks, and investment banks. In most countries, banks are regulated by the national government or central bank (credits @



  1. Bank accounts offer convenience
  2. Bank accounts are safe
  3. It's an easy way to save money
  4. Bank accounts are cheaper
  5. Bank accounts can help you access credit



  1. Bank have chance to go bankrupt
  2. Bank have a risk of fraud and robberies
  3. Bank have a risk of Public Debt

Overall, to summarize it, having a bank is really good as you can keep all your savings there while making a good credit name in return to access more funds for investments. However, on the other hand, we are not really sure how long does a bank would last and offer us good credits while also paying interest from loans, credit cards, and other investments.



A new generation NFT (Non-fungible token) game that just breaking records all around the corner and making new heights in the NFT crypto gaming world. It's fun, unique, addictive, and innovative in so many ways that will enable you to get a lot of opportunities to earn.



Play anytime

You can play it right away either you buy a spellbook to earn DEC (Dark Energy Crystal) tokens or just try it first and learn from it.

Invest money and trade

This is like a little crypto trading platform that will enable you to buy some assets like gaming cards, SPS (Splinterlands token), DEC and have a chance to exchange those to most of the tokens around the crypto world such as BNB, HIVE, ETH and many more.

Earn right away

This is just amazing that putting an investment such as buying some great cards like rare, epic, or legendary (gold or normal foil) you can actually keep it or put it on rental to earn some decent DEC and additionally from at least 300 more days, you can get airdrop points (free SPS Token). Also at any point, if you just want to sell it and buy a new set of cards you are free to do so.

Stake your assets

This is one of the powerful tools on this platform that most of the NFT gaming world should start to consider moving forward. By doing so, you will be rewarded daily by staking our assets and giving us additional benefits in the long run such as the incoming Chaos Legion Pack presale voucher later this month. Not only that, a lot of assets are available in the community that you can exchange or stake with your desired tokens.

Choose your position

Yeah, that's right, this game is offering you what position you want to be part of. It's either an average player, pro player, day trader, investor, curator and almost a lot of positions that you can think of is achievable if you trust the whole process of this game.

Time is yours

Time is an important feature in any aspect of life and this game offers us unlimited things that we can do in order to help us gain. Now it depends on your availability on how you approach it and start giving time to achieve your goals.

Powerful Community

From the founder, creator, leader, manager, writer, down to the IT specialist, programmer, maintenance, driver, and anyone who got engaged in Splinterlands community whoever we are, this community is the best! Loving, supportive, generous, noble, most of the positive words you can always feel and find every day are here in this community.



Crypto is volatile

Invest money at your own risk and don't risk if you're not confident to do so. Prices of all your assets might be up now and can go down later, that's a normal fact for crypto.

Downtime and changes

It's a normal thing for every platform to do some maintenance and depending on the duration of it then that's the only thing we need to worry about as it's beyond our control. Changes are one of the aspects of gaming as well that is uncontrollable, however, changes are always for the better as a whole and not just for benefit of one.

Unrelated Issues (Internet Connectivity and Electricity)

Internet is our way of life now that's why we're all engaged in NFT gaming all around the globe. If we cannot get online we cannot avail of any of this. Also, electricity is the source of everything so without it we can't do anything as simple as that.


Finally, in my opinion, I have chosen SPLINTERLANDS as a good investment over Bank as I'm literally doubling up my money daily from getting extra assets by playing with it, trading, rentals, and staking tokens. Almost everything you are doing here just by simply writing your own experience can give you extra earnings right away. Again you just need to allocate your time, keep it up with the community and you can find out that most people here are mentors, leaders, noble, and really sharing ideas with everyone to help us grow. Thank you SPLINTERLANDS, simply the best!

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