My stake in each tribe ! When to stop staking ?

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I decided to share all the stake that I have in the tribes now.

I want also to understand, how much I need staked power for each tribe to stop staking.

As I said in my previous post, I decided to stake all my earning in the tribes and I'm doing so now.

I have in 10,000 SPORTS POWER.

In I have 192 LEO POWER.

In I have 529 PAL POWER.

In I have 201 CCC POWER.

In I have 100 INT POWER.


In I have 1082 JAHM POWER.

In I have 500 PORN POWER.

Staking is also a kind of investment, so I will share this with #steemleo as well.

I need to understand the opinion of the investors about when it the right moment to stop staking ? Or powering up ?

Or maybe you have a limit that you set for yourself to stake and then stop staking and only curating ?

Talking about steem, the price was always going down during all this time being on it, my upvote was going lower and lower as well. So, about a month ago, I set a limit for myself to have 5000 steem power and not more. Then I started powering down, because I needed money.

But with the tribes, I decided to always stake for some time. But I don't know when is the best time to stop doing so.

For example, in #sportstalk I decided to stake 100,000 sport power and start curating sport's content and see how it will go. I see that the price of the token is stable and I like that, but who knows what will happen tomorrow.

I decided also to not care about the price and just to keep earning to get the amount I staked back. I will see how long it will take me.

When you usually decide to stop staking and what's your strategy with all the tribes that we are having now ?

I would like to know your strategy with steem and steem power as well ?

Maybe I will have a better idea about how to use my steem power and staked power in the tribes correctly.

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

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Thanks a lot.

My approach is to try and look on a tribe by tribe basis. The tribes I have long term opinions on, I'll keep staking, and buy more. The tribes I have minor stakes in I'll just stake whatever comes along, but they are not a major focus. Tribes that I like long term, but think the token is overpriced, I'll stake half and sell half. Trying to keep my overall goals narrowed to a couple of key tribes for the long term.

Not financial advice, just my opinion.

Thanks for your opinion. Very interesting one. Especially thinking about that the token is overpriced. I will take that into consideration.

I tend to look at the marketcap on steemengine, and just consider if I think the project is really worth that. I also look at the size of post payouts, and consider if the posts are really that valuable in STEEM equivalent. For example, my actifit reports mostly make 2 STEEM lets say, but the SPORTS token payout is 8 - 10 STEEM value. I see that as a bit high for a pretty bland actifit report. I love Sportstalk as a long term investment, (one of the tribes with the best potential to onboard newbies) but have been selling half my earnings from day 1.

It's good to get a big stake in the tribe you are most interested in personally, and then use regular earnings from there to diversify.

Just my approach, may not work for others.

That's a great approach as well. I'm surprised that the actifit report give you much more in spoststalk. I wasn't mistaken by wanting to buy 100,000 sports to became an orca there. I see big potential in sports as well. Sport industry is huge.

It's still so new that I am not sure how to decide about time of staking but I think the best philosophy is to stake where you post the most. I am not sure staking just for curation is going to be a benefit in the long run.

I'm also staking and thinking that the price of each token will grow. Because more and more people are joining and staking and liking the economy here. Imagine when tribes will find investors from outside, how the price of all this tokens may grow. That's why I think buying ans staking now is the best thing we can do. That's just my opinion, crypto is unpredictable. Nothing is for sure in this case.

In some cases, I'm staking. I couldn't tell you when to stop because this is high risk, it depends on the amounts you are willing to risk

Yeah, maybe each one has his amount to stake in his mind. Or most are working just like in steem, they use the reward that they got in liquid and grow their account step by step. Thanks for stopping by. ☺