Why I buy Splinterlands Assets in Bear Markets

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In January 2022 I had a lot of WAX tokens lying around. I had them liquid and didn't really find a way to get a return on them. So I decided to use these WAX tokens to buy Splinterlands packs.

In hindsight this was rather a good decision. Check out the video to learn why...

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Thanks for the curation!

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I was also thinking of buying some chaos legion packs. Thanks for your information, they're quite helpful.
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Thanks for the feed-back and the curation!


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That is an interesting view. I never really thought about it that way. Do you think the price of cards will follow a similar trend then or is it just packs?

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I believe there is more volatility in the cards than the packs but they keep their value quite well. Summoners for example have remained pretty stable in USD terms.


This is interesting. After fees on atomichub you made about 5 wax on each pack and SPS airdrops. This shows splinterlands is the best game on the Blockchain !


You are right, the fees on atomichub eat some of the profits.


Thanks for sharing and have a nice day.

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Thanks for the tokens!

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Someone shared a suggestion to me: to sell the VOUCHERs and use the proceeds to buy CHAOS packs. CHAOS packs would provide CP/SPS airdrop points but VOUCHERs don't. What are your thoughts on this?


The reason I bought chaos packs was also to get the airdrop. However the number of days to get airdrop is getting shorter. Personally I sell 50% of my vouchers and buy HBD with it. The rest I keep in case if the valdiator project makes voucher prices moon :-)


This is something I really enjoyed about Splinterlands. The market prices of its assets don't follow the general crypto trend when blood is on the streets. Some prices are more volatile than others, but overall things are calmer. I haven't particularly looked at the secondary market prices of packs, but I suppose it's a good thing I have quite a few of them.


In the past I tended to buy DEC when makrets were bearish. Since it's not pegged directly anymore, packs make more sense. I believe that when Riftwatchers will come out, SPS will have a kind of peg again.


Always thoughtful and intelligent perspective. Sharing this on https://twitter.com/PraetoriaDigest.


Thanks a lot for sharing the post!