LeoFinance has reached more than 1000 visits on Reddit in the past week

3 days ago
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LeoFinance community is active on multiple social medial platforms and well established third party sites which are a source of traffic and visitors towards the LeoFinance.io platform. One source where the community spreads the word and one channel that is driving traffic to the website is Reddit. And while I was passing by to see what's new, a pop-up message welcomed me and it was saying that “There have been over 1000 visits to r/LeoFinance in the past week.” And this happened not long ago from the time when my last visit message that I've seen on Reddit was of reaching 500 visits. Pretty great for breaking new milestones!


I believe this is a good milestone for establishing ourselves out of the Hive ecosystem and the LeoFinance community itself and onboarding new users or just gaining backlinks and targeting traffic. The expansion and success of the LeoFinance projects are driven by growth and any channel that gains traction, it becomes a base for what is to come. We need more channels to bring traffic and onboard users and with this one I think we are on a good path.

Hopefully other channels will be experimented in order to bring more awareness about the LeoFinance community and about the LEO token. Some such streams where more action would be expected might be:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Instragram
  • YouTube, TikTok
  • Cryptocurrency sites, forums
  • List remains open, any comment is welcomed where the community could spread the word

I believe that once this channels are officially established the community will help to spread the word and those will grow organically. New source of traffic and new users could onboard and would benefit the entire ecosystem. Let's not forget the ads income which is used for burning LEO which is one mechanism to control the supply and rise the price when doing so.

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