How to Easily Sell HIVE for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash & More - Full Tutorial

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In today's tutorial we'll be explaining how to easily and quickly sell HIVE for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, or Monero.

Navigate to your HIVE wallet, and you'll see all of your available balances.

Click on your HIVE balance, and then click 'Sell' on the drop down menu.

This will bring up Blocktrades, an exchange which allows you to sell your HIVE for multiple different cryptocurrencies.
(If you don't have an account yet, you can quickly make one, and then log in.)

Next, let's input the total amount of HIVE we wish to sell. In our example, we'll be selling 67.719 HIVE.

Second, let's choose which cryptocurrency we want to sell HIVE for.

There are many options, but today I'll be selling my HIVE for Bitcoin Cash (and sending it to my Celsius network wallet to earn interest).

Select the crypto you'd like to receive, and then input your address below.

Once added, you'll see "Address is valid." appear if you've entered it in correctly.

Next up we'll click "Get a new Deposit Address", and will see a new page appear.

Here we can enter in our HIVE username and use Hivesigner to sign the transaction.

Be aware that different cryptos have different fees. Bitcoin Cash is super cheap to send, so we can see that the fees here are very low, only .081 HIVE.

Let's click 'Transfer Using HiveSigner'. Then click 'Continue', then login to HiveSigner with your password.

If you don't have a HiveSigner account, you can simply click 'Import Account' to load in your private key and assign a new password.

HiveSigner allows you easy access to operations around the HIVE ecosystem, so this is a good thing to get set up.

Finally, we'll click 'Approve' to approve the transaction.

We'll be brought back to the BlockTrades page, but rest assured, your trade happened! In just a minute, it'll appear under the 'Completed' Transactions tab.

We can also view our HIVE wallet to see that our balance has changed, as there is no more HIVE available.

We can also check where we deposited our new crypto to see if the transaction has come up as pending or confirmed yet.

In this example, I'll be logging into my Celsius wallet.

We can see that the Bitcoin Cash has started to arrive in my Celsius wallet and is just waiting on more confirmations.

Soon after, the deposit will be complete, and we are finished with a successful trade!


If you need any help converting the Hive Dollars (HBD) you've earned on into HIVE, check out my other tutorial below:


Thanks for reading, and I hope this tutorial helps you on your crypto journey!

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