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Hi Hivers,

Since "all" my friends have posted about it, I suppose it's time for me to get in on the trend and get back into the swing of posting on LeoFinance.

I must admit, in a weird way this situation is both really shit, and was really interesting when it happened. It would've been nicer had it not happened, but a few friends and I got to put our detective hats on and do some digging, which would've been nicer if I hadn't "lost" my money in the LP earlier but hey-ho, you win some & you lose some. I'm pretty confident in Khal & LeoFinance being able to rebound from this and I'm certain Khal will do his best to remedy the situation.

Obviously, after collecting all the information I could, I have my suspicions about who it could be. It's only a suspicion though and unfortunately I can't guarantee any of it, and just pointing the finger at people isn't going to help anyone.

Regarding the attack, we did notice that the fraudulent mints were minted (signed) with the right key, which means it wasn't an insecure contract attack but the attacker did have the correct key to sign it. It means that either the key was leaked at some point, or the attacker already had access to the key. Of which it was I can't be certain.

Anyway, it was an experience. This is the day-to-day fun of Being In Crypto. I wouldn't be anywhere else though.

~ HackerTracker
~ xxx_Elite_CA_Dawg_xxX out

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